Meta’s Latest AI Image Generator: An In-Depth Review

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When it comes to generative AI, it is difficult to overstate the impact it has on society. Every thing you want with just a single prompt — that is revolutionary technologies. But right after a couple months, I have to admit that the novelty is sporting off a tiny bit. A enormous component of that is since of the quantity of AI resources we have nowadays, which begs the query:

Do we actually want an additional?

For AI picture generators, we previously have Midjourney, DALL-E, Firefly, and Stable Diffusion. Now, Meta’scoming into the ring with their new picture generator. This time even though, anything caught my eye: this application is fully totally free. So, of program, I had to consider it.

In this post, I’ll go over every thing you want to know about Meta’s new AI picture generator, the science behind its model, its output top quality, and what function it serves in an previously crowded area.

What Is It?

Meta’s AI image generator is a generative model that transforms prompts into photos. It employs a model named Emu, which has scored 82.9% on visual appeal and on text faithfulness.

Meta Image Interface 1Meta Image Interface 1

Even so, it does come at a cost. Emu is qualified on above billion photos, all from Facebook and Instagram. Yes, you read through that correct — Meta employs pictures uploaded by customers to social media internet sites as their coaching set. It is like what they say: If you are not having to pay for the merchandise, then you are the merchandise.

Who Is It For?

Like other AI image generators, Meta is greatest employed as a playground for imaginative hobbyists. If you are an entrepreneur, you can also use Meta as a implies to earn funds passively. Bloggers and world wide web developers can also use it to create world wide web material (featured photos, stock photos, vector artwork) speedily.

How It Operates

Meta is a lot a lot more barebones in contrast to Midjourney, DALL-E, and Firefly. It does not have any functions other than picture generation. No factor ratio management, no damaging prompts, practically nothing. This tends to make for a a lot more available and easy interface, wherein you just want to input a prompt, press the “Generate” button, and wait for a handful of seconds.

Meta Image Interface 2Meta Image Interface 2

For prompts, you separate aspects with a comma. The very first components need to usually incorporate the topic of the prompt (what you want to see) and the subsequent components need to have the context (what’s the appear you are going for). Each and every prompt will have 4 picture variations. Just pick what you like most and download them. The rest is up to you.

Meta’s Output High quality


Prompt A: a guy right after a marathon, sunrise hour, closeup

Prompt B: a pupil in a class, golden hour, candid

I’m blown away at how very good these are — to the stage that I’m prepared to say Meta’s the greatest AI picture generator out there for portraits. It does have some concerns, like going above the best with the drops of sweat in Prompt A but general, it is eerily reasonable. Even so, this is to be anticipated because it is qualified on consumer information.

Private Score: five out of five


Prompt A: mount fuji

Prompt B: a serene lake, golden hour, pine trees

These are all nevertheless rather very good. Possibly this is a bit anecdotal, but I did have concerns producing photos of Mount Fuji because Meta stored providing me images with fireworks in the background. The ones that did not had a handful of nuance concerns. Get the Mount Fuji picture on the correct for instance. Recognize how the clouds are fully in the incorrect area? The created lake photos had no concerns even though: the scenery is lovely, reflections make sense, and the supporting context are all met.

Private Score: three.five out of five

3D Solution Mockups

Prompt A: merchandise photography of scented candles, sandalwood, earthcore, warmth, 8k, hd, ultra-in depth

Prompt B: merchandise photography, a perfume, studio lighting, shadow perform, lavender, soft

These prompts are the exact same ones I employed in a recent article. Taking into consideration that I employed Midjourney for that post, it is exceptional how shut the outputs are in top quality specially because Meta is fully totally free. These are previously industry-prepared merchandise mockups, no want for even more alterations.

Private Score: five out of five


Prompt A: straightforward vector brand of garments

Prompt B: minimalist brand of furnishings

I misplaced count of how several instances I pressed the “Generate” button just to get very good logos from Meta. The outcomes communicate for themselves: Meta just is not there nevertheless. Out of these 4, only the very first clothes brand seems okay. The rest are barely recognizable and incoherent. 

Private Score: one out of five

Abstract Ideas

Prompt A: failure

Prompt B: consciousness

I like feeding AI picture generators with abstract ideas to check its nuance. Meta passed this check, in my viewpoint. The concepts are there, and you could infer how it is striving to demonstrate these ideas with just a glance. Even so, I really don’t consider the photos are effectively-executed. It is striving to do also a lot, which outcomes in rendering mistakes if you appear closely. 

Private Score: four.five out of five

Higher Context Prompts

Prompt A: a dramatic and cinematic illustration of a futuristic library engulfed in flames, giant robots, towering above the burning bookshelves, a clash with a group of librarians armed with archaic weapons and ancient expertise, air is thick with smoke and dust as sparks fly and pages flutter in the inferno, a desperate struggle for the preservation of expertise and the battle towards a dystopian long term, sci-fi

Prompt B: a vibrant and chaotic scene depicting a get together amidst the apocalypse, the globe close to them crumbles, men and women collect in celebration, music blasting and lights flashing, desperation, joy, the bittersweetness of embracing the last moments as a black hole swallows the globe

If we’re speaking purely about nuance, Meta is practically ideal. It only skipped a single or two aspects inside of the prompt, which is a a lot larger achievement fee than Midjourney, but not as very good as DALL-E. The photos themselves are rather very good also, thinking about that I experimented with to cram as a lot data into the prompt.

Private Score: four.five out of five

Typical Score

With all scores tallied up, my private rating of Meta’s output top quality is three.92 out of five. That is a reliable B+ in my guide.

It is also really worth noting that Meta has an extremely quick generation pace. Way more quickly than Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Adobe Firefly. This is exceptional thinking about that it is going toe-to-toe with these established AI picture generators previously in top quality. And yet again, this is fully totally free.

Pros And Cons



  • Consumer-pleasant and available.

  • Incredibly quick generation time.

  • Fantastic for producing reasonable photos.

  • Can manage substantial context prompts.

  • It is totally free.

  • No added functions.

  • No output customization.

  • Can only create square photos.

  • Can not use artist names for prompts due to copyright concerns.

  • Does not conserve output historical past.

  • Privacy considerations in regards to its coaching information.

Meta’s AI Picture Generator Choices


Each time an individual mentions AI artwork, my thoughts right away goes toMidjourney. It is the most well-liked AI picture generator nowadays with a lot more than sixteen million registered customers and counting. Its main objective is to flip your concepts into beautiful pieces of art. However, it nevertheless does not have a platform, and you can only accessibility it making use of their Discord bot.

Output Comparisons

For these comparisons, the ones on the left will usually be Meta and the correct will be Midjourney.



3D Solution Mockups

Abstract Ideas


What Can make Midjourney Greater Than Meta

  • Way much better at generating stylized artwork.
  • Can use artist names and preceding artwork as prompts.
  • Comes with functions this kind of as an picture upscaler, area variations, zooming, and panning.
  • Makes it possible for you to create photos in distinct factor ratios.
  • Much less susceptible to hallucination and rendering concerns.
  • Big local community with steady developer help and updates.
  • It saves your preceding outputs.

What Can make Midjourney Worse Than Meta

  • Can not generate reasonable photos.
  • Slower generation time.
  • You can only accessibility Midjourney via Discord.
  • It is paid.

DALL-E three

DALL-E 3 is the present model of OpenAI’s picture generator. It is developed to be a lot more imaginative and nuanced than its preceding iterations. You can use it with ChatGPT, which processes your normal language prompts into ones that could be simply understood by DALL-E making use of GPT-4.

Output Comparisons

For these comparisons, the images on the left will usually be Meta and the correct will be DALL-E three.



3D Solution Mockups

Abstract Ideas


What Can make DALL-E Greater Than Meta

  • Extraordinary at nuance.
  • Unmatched text generation abilities.
  • A lot more customizable than Meta.
  • Can be employed with ChatGPT Plus for conversational prompts.
  • It saves your preceding outputs.

What Can make DALL-E Worse Than Meta

  • Slower generation time.
  • Worse at generating reasonable photos.

The Bottom Line

Really don’t rest on Meta.

They could be late to the game, but the worth they supply thinking about that they are a totally free picture generator is immense. It even outperforms Midjourney and DALL-E when it comes to portraits — it is insane how very good this is.

That explained, it is plagued by the exact same concerns that Meta as a complete has been dealing with for a whilst now: privacy. The explanation why it is much better for reasonable photos in the very first area is since they qualified it making use of consumer photos. So, possibly consider twice ahead of setting your photos public on Instagram and Facebook from now on.

If you are in the USA (sadly, it is area-locked for now) and awesome with every thing over, then certainly give Meta a consider.