Removing Paragraph Tags in WordPress Excerpts with Zapier

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When automating your WordPress posts to Twitter by way of Zapier, it truly is essential to make certain the articles seems clean and engaging. 1 widespread hiccup customers encounter is when the WordPress excerpt in Zapier is made up of undesired HTML tags like <p> and </p>.

I at first ran into this when I was attempting to send my WordPress posts to LinkedIn, and was possessing difficulty pulling in data like images and excerpts.

Fortunately, there is a simple resolution to this:

Employing the Zapier formatter to strip out the HTML.

The Problem:

You have set up a Zap to set off every single time a new publish is published on your WordPress website. This Zap is supposed to send a Tweet containing a quick excerpt from your publish, the website link to the website publish, and a featured picture. Nonetheless, you observe that the excerpt in the Tweet is made up of HTML tags, creating it seem unprofessional.

The Resolution:

Strip HTML from the Excerpt:To eliminate any HTML from the excerpt, you can include a ‘Formatter’ stage in your Zap. Zapier’s ‘Formatter’ device can strip away any HTML tags from your excerpt, leaving you with clean, plain text. Here is how to do it:

  • Right after setting up your WordPress set off, click on ‘+ Include a Step’.
  • Pick ‘Formatter by Zapier’.
  • Set the action occasion to ‘Text’.
  • You will then get an selection to ‘Transform’ the text. Pick ‘Strip HTML’ from the dropdown.
  • In the ‘Input’ area, choose the WordPress excerpt. This will apply the transformation only to the excerpt and not the total publish.
  • Check this stage to make certain the HTML tags are eliminated from your excerpt.

And that is it. You will now have a rendered excerpt that isn’t going to have the &ltp&gt or &lt/p&gt tags any longer. Hope this aided! Drop a comment if you have any queries!