Retrieving Featured Images in WordPress Using Zapier

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When automating workflows with Zapier and WordPress, a widespread hiccup is the inability to immediately fetch the URL of the post’s featured picture. If you happen to be between these making an attempt to get a direct website link to the featured picture from a WordPress submit in Zapier, you have probably observed the problem.

If you want to automate your WordPress to LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media platforms, you may have to grab the picture this way just before undertaking so. Till Zapier officially supports this characteristic, we have a useful workaround for you making use of the Webhooks by Zapier action.

Pull Featured WordPress Picture on Zapier

one. Setup your WordPress Set off

Commence by setting up the set off for your WordPress web site. This generally includes picking the “New Post” or any appropriate set off you want.

two. Include a Customized Request in Webhooks by Zapier Action

Soon after setting up your WordPress set off:

  • Click on “+ Include a Phase” in your Zap.
  • Search for and pick “Webhooks by Zapier.”
  • Select the “Customized Request” action occasion.

three. Configure the Customized Request

In the Customized Request configuration:

  • Set the Strategy to GET.
  • In the URL discipline, pick the “Links Wp Featuredmedia Href” from your WordPress set off. This is the website link that factors to the featured media of the submit but could have further parameters.

four. Check the Webhooks by Zapier Action

Soon after configuring, run a check for this action.

  • As soon as the check completes, you need to see the direct URL to the picture in the “guid rendered” discipline.

five. Use the Featured Picture in Subsequent Actions

Now that you have the direct website link to the featured picture:

  • You can make use of this in any subsequent measures. For instance, if you happen to be automating a submit to Pinterest, you can pick the “guid rendered” discipline to populate the picture discipline in the Pinterest action. We use it for LinkedIn

Although it may possibly truly feel like a detour, this workaround efficiently addresses the missing direct website link problem in the WordPress-Zapier integration. Till an official update is rolled out by Zapier, these measures will make certain your automated duties run smoothly. If you located this useful or have any further concerns, drop a comment! Satisfied automating! 😊