Comparing AI: Adobe Firefly 2, Midjourney, DALL-E 3 Accuracy Test

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I am not exaggerating when I say that I use Midjourney each and every day. Scroll up. Do you see that featured picture there? That is from Midjourney.

When you have been utilizing one thing lengthy adequate, it really is simple to discover the quirks. The small factors you would not have observed at first grow to be much more obvious particularly when you evaluate factors side by side.

A number of days in the past I wrote up a comparison among DALL-E three and Midjourney but had to use sample screenshots as my supply. But because this is the globe of AI, factors move quickly.

Right now I was capable to check DALL-E three via Bing Develop to use my personal examples. On prime of that, Adobe just launched a new model of their picture generation model referred to as Firefly 2.

So how do these three truly evaluate when hunting at the small factors. Is there 1 you ought to use if you happen to be hunting for a particular vibe in excess of one more?

What are DALL-E three, Midjourney, and Adobe Firefly?

Launched in October 2023, DALL-E 3 is OpenAI’s newest AI picture generation model. This evolution of DALL-E 2 has a much better prompt comprehending than its prior versions and functions so considerably much better with text.

Midjourney is recognized for its in depth outputs, comprehensive customization via prompt engineering parameters, and nuance. It operates out of irritating discord, but is typically regarded as the ideal AI picture generation device.

Adobe Firefly 2 is the subsequent generation of Adobe’s generative AI model for imaging that came out this week. This model can make much better-high quality photographs super simple like other resources.

Adobe Firefly 2 Landing PageAdobe Firefly 2 Landing Page

Adobe Firefly vs. Midjourney vs. DALL-E three: Output Comparison

Photorealistic Portraits

Prompt: a near-up portrait of a exhausted school pupil

A close-up portrait of a tired college studentA close-up portrait of a tired college student

If I have been to choose a winner, it really is certainly Adobe Firefly. It really is practical, the facial expression is clear but subtle, and it has superb lighting. On the other hand, Midjourney’s output is also rather great, but it really is softer — virtually like a painting. There also looks to be a rendering concern in the guide, but it really is pretty much invisible except if it really is pointed out.

DALL-E’s created picture is… effectively, it certainly understood the prompt. It overemphasized the student’s exhaustion. People eyebags are also unnatural to be practical, plus it has a “stock picture” high quality to it. 

It really is also really worth mentioning that none of these photographs have an uncanny valley feeling, which is a massive plus in my guide.

Design and style &amp Architecture

Prompt: a broad angle see of a elegant brick wall manhattan-type loft with a sunken residing area

A wide angle view of a stylish brick wall Manhattan-style loft with a sunken living roomA wide angle view of a stylish brick wall Manhattan-style loft with a sunken living room

There is a similarity among these 3 photographs: none understood the intent of my prompt entirely. They all developed a Manhattan-type loft but struggled in creating the sunken residing area component.

Adobe Firefly has the ideal lighting of them all. I notably enjoy how effectively the shadows correspond with exactly where the light comes from and how effectively they mix with each other. It seems to be the most practical for a New York apartment.

Meanwhile, Midjourney’s most significant asset is its consideration to detail. From the books to the paintings on the 2nd floor, it really is every thing you anticipate from a common loft-sort apartment.

Once again, I am disappointed with DALL-E. It went overboard with the lighting and had a softer texture. It also has also several residing rooms — which is humorous &amp ironic since it really is the only 1 with a sunken area, but it really is not 1 of its 4 rooms.


Prompt: wildflower meadow sunset landscape

A wildflower meadow sunset landscapeA wildflower meadow sunset landscape

Adobe Firefly’s output is lifelike, but it really is also comparable to stock photographs of meadows on the web. You could’ve also missed this, but attempt zooming in. Do you discover that none of the flowers is rendered appropriately? It really is not obvious from afar, but the wildflowers seem to be glitching out.

On the other hand, the colours actually pop in Midjourney’s meadow. Nevertheless, Midjourney tends to stylize its outputs much more you can obviously see that right here. If you want a painting rather than a practical photograph, go for Midjourney.

DALL-E’s picture feels majestic like it really is a even now from a fantasy film. It really is warmer, and although it really is not the most colorful, it has a in depth texture. It really is excellent, which can make it my favourite so far.


Prompt: a surrealist painting of a massive firefly in a residence manufactured of denim

A surrealist painting of a large firefly in a house made of denimA surrealist painting of a large firefly in a house made of denim

Adobe Firefly’s output heavily borrows from children’s books. It showed a wonderful comprehending of the prompt, but it really is not really what I am hunting for.

Midjourney gave me specifically what I needed: that whimsy feeling of surrealist artwork. It completely combines true-globe photographs with fantastical ideas. I would’ve loved it much better if it really is set outdoors, but I like that even the firefly is manufactured of denim.

Yet another tiny detail I enjoy is incorporating other components that make it weirder, which includes the hands on the firefly’s legs and the boarded-up windows.

DALL-E has a various consider, but I enjoy it as considerably as Midjourney’s. It developed a narrative by creating the denim residence pants and the firefly’s striving to match into it.

There is also the small factors like the two moons and the pocket windows. It feels much more coherent as an artwork, which can make this a win for DALL-E three.

I believe the concern right here was my prompt was not super clear on what precise components of the image ought to be what. That is why every single of these had its personal vision of what it considered I needed.

Abstract Ideas

Prompt: the visualization of infinity

Visualization of infinityVisualization of infinity

Infinity is unattainable to produce, but these 3 have been wildly various but wonderful attempts. Adobe Firefly had a much more algorithmic strategy to infinity. It really is comparable to visualizations of the Fibonacci sequence, but this 1 is much more expansive and has much more character.

The Midjourney 1 has a great deal of storytelling likely, creating it much better as a storyboard than standalone artwork. Meanwhile, DALL-E is much more psychedelic, like you happen to be obtaining swallowed by a vortex of colours. It seems to be like an intricate tie-dye shirt.

Pastiche (Artwork that imitate other artwork)

Prompt: ladies fighting for equality in the type of dadaism

Women fighting for equality in the style of dadaismWomen fighting for equality in the style of dadaism

Adobe Firefly has a sound output, but it sadly missed the mark. It isn’t going to appear like any Dada artwork. I also attempted tweaking the prompt a bit to get a much more precise consequence, but the benefits I get are usually comparable to this 1.

Midjourney and DALL-E succeeded exactly where Firefly failed: they understood the context. Their artwork emulates Dadaism to a tee.

Midjourney leans towards collage artwork, comparable to the popular Hannah Höch. On the other hand, Marcel Duchamp looks to be the primary inspiration for DALL-E’s artwork. Each artists have been prominent for the duration of the Dada Motion.

Flat Design and style

Prompt: a flat vector illustration of an ai assistant

A flat vector illustration of an ai assistantA flat vector illustration of an ai assistant

Adobe Firefly, when once more, failed to recognize the prompt. The output itself is fine it really is even now vector artwork — but where’s the AI assistant? It really is a shame because I truly choose the appear of Firefly’s artwork in excess of the other two.

Midjourney and DALL-E’s output has a much more traditional vector artwork appear. The former’s illustration is much better for presentations and pitch decks, although the latter is excellent for internet sites.

In Summary…




DALL-E two

Usability &amp Accessibility

You have to enter a prompt very first prior to you can accessibility customization resources for element ratio, shade, tone, lighting, and much more. It can also be integrated with other Adobe items this kind of as Photoshop, Soon after Results, and so forth.

Midjourney isn’t going to exist as a standalone computer software but you can use it via the Midjourney bot in Discord. Parameters can be tweaked prior to you submit a prompt, but you have to research their comprehensive documentation very first. It has a steeper studying curve than the other two.

You can use it on the DALL-E web site, via ChatGPT Plus/Enterprise, or with Bing Picture Creator. Produced photographs can be tweaked following the prompt.


When you want stock picture for your material, Adobe Firefly is your ideal bet. Amid the 3, it creates the most lifelike photographs.

Midjourney prefers stylized outputs in excess of realism. Nearly each and every picture created by Midjourney seems to be like a piece of artwork or an animated film even now. Even though you can use this device for your blogs, its primary demographic ought to skew in the direction of fans.

You ought to anticipate straightforward but efficient photographs from DALL-E. They are not also loud nor muted in shade. Nevertheless, it tends to overcompensate on some prompts, top to some cartoon-ish benefits.

Text Generation

Practically nothing amazing, but it really is certainly capable.

Non-existent. Except if you happen to be rendering single letters, you can not anticipate Midjourney to make precise text for photographs.

The ideal amongst the 3.

Turnaround Time

The quickest AI picture generator I have attempted so far.

Nearly one.5x slower in contrast to the other two.

Just shy of a minute typical per generation.

Context Understanding &amp Nuance

Exhibits some problems, even with reduced-context prompts.

Normally fine with reduced-context prompts but struggles with large-context.

Outstanding nuance and context comprehending. It hardly ever misses a line in the prompt.


I have not had any however.

Midjourney can occasionally get caught on making an picture, which could produce a backlog.

I have not had any however.


Very best for realism.

Very best for producing artwork.

Very best for large-context prompts.

In a nutshell, I identified Adobe Firefly to be the ideal for practical picture generations, particularly ones you want for photograph editing or stock photographs. Given that Midjourney tends to stylize its created photographs, it really is much better for artwork or imitating 1. If you happen to be much more concerned with making an picture with precision when it comes to prompts, give DALL-E three a attempt.

So Now There is three Real Rivals

I’m glad that other AI picture generators are turning out to be much more nuanced and imaginative. Competitors is usually wholesome. Not only does it give consumers much more possibilities, but it also forces a merchandise to evolve. I believe we’ll appear back in a 12 months and laugh at how “negative” these generations truly have been.

Adobe Firefly two and DALL-E three are the two worthy opponents for Midjourney since they every single excel in particular factors.

Firefly is ideal at producing practical photographs, Midjourney excels at complicated artwork, and absolutely nothing could beat DALL-E 3’s comprehending of prompts (and text generation).