Save More with Clay: Introducing The Efficient Polaris API

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Although Clay is one particular of our preferred resources for prospecting, enrichment and personalization, if you are anything at all like me, you blow by way of these credits swiftly – and it absolutely adds up!

Although Clay is a premium item, it comes at a premium price tag. That was until finally I identified the Polaris API rather lately.

They’ve developed a instrument that can be employed on-leading of Clay that is less expensive and functions equivalent to if not far better than Clay itself. We acquired an unique demo of the API, and TLDR: we’re genuinely thrilled about it.

Employing Polaris with Clay HTTP Requests

Although Clay has a bunch of developed-in enrichments from various information companies, if you are on the Explorer strategy or over, you have accessibility to their HTTP API. This makes it possible for you to connect Clay to various information companies (by way of APIs).

This in essence implies that we’re not constrained to the pre-developed enrichments that Clay has on their platform we can use any information supplier that has an API to include information to Clay.

If you are not technical, that is okay. I will nevertheless go above how to setup the PolarisAPI in Clay to conserve you some cash on credits. 

To get began with HTTP Requests in Clay we’re going to include an enrichment and search for “HTTP API”

Pointing to HTTP API Request in Clay

Pick the Submit technique, and enter the endpoint at:{endpoint}

There are 4 endpoints we’ll speak about beneath but substitute “/{endpoint}” with the respective endpoint:

  • /enrich
  • /publish_salesgpt
  • /e-mail_finder
  • /e-mail_confirm

Furthermore, we’re going to want to set up our API crucial.

API keys reside in the headers of the request.

Go to “Headers”, click “Add New Important &amp Worth Pair”, and enter the following:

In the Important we’re going to enter API-Important (this is situation delicate), and in the worth you are going to enter the API Important you have been capable to get from PolarisAPI’s website.

Now that we’ve acquired this setup, let’s examine the various endpoints you can use and how to get these set up.

4 Diverse Attributes

There are 4 various endpoints that Polaris at the moment provides:


The enrichment endpoint lives at and lets you enrich your Clay prospective customers with a treasure-trove of information This is like making use of seven Clay credits in one particular! When you enrich prospective customers with the PolarisAPI, you will get the following information:

  • Prospect’s LinkedIn Profile (Profile information pulled into Clay)
  • The Company’s LinkedIn Profile (Information pulled into Clay)
  • Prospect E-mail Verification (Related to ZeroBounce)
  • Total scraped firm internet site
  • Summarized scraped firm internet site
  • The Company’s Company Model
  • The Business Business and Subindustry

In buy to get all of this information, you are going to require the Prospect’s Title, Prospect E-mail (which we’ll confirm), the Prospect’s Linkedin URL, and the Company’s Linkedin URL.

In the Physique segment, include the following:

Exchange almost everything that commences with a “/” with the dynamic information from Clay.

If accomplished appropriately, it must appear like this:





As soon as you have accomplished this, you will get a complete enriched prospect in below ten seconds.

If you see in the cell 200 that is great, that implies your enrichment succeeded. 200 is personal computer language for accomplishment.

If you click into the cell, you will see all of the enrichments which you are capable to include as new columns in Clay.

/publish (SalesGPT)

The Publish SalesGPT endpoint is one particular of the most effective AI-assisted e-mail writers on the planet. They educated their personal versions of hundreds-of-1000’s of profitable outbound-emails.

This endpoint far outpaces even the most sophisticated (however nevertheless generic) versions like GPT-four, and writes emails that are human-sounding, and have extremely sturdy copy.

How does it operate? Although this endpoint is nevertheless in closed beta, you can get early accessibility by emailing [email protected]. The crew expects to launch this creating instrument in Early November, 2023 so remain tuned. 

As soon as you have accessibility, to start off, you are going to want to make a Submit request to the endpoint: and develop a entire body message that seems to be like:

{“system_prompt”:”/program prompt”,”user_prompt”,”/consumer prompt”} (substitute all of the “/variables” with the columns from Clay). Climate you want the outcome to be a line, or a complete-fledged e-mail, you will get copy that seems to be like this: 


The endpoint in the PolarisAPI is the /e-mail_finder endpoint. The e-mail finder endpoint makes it possible for you to consider a prospect’s identify, and the domain identify of the firm, and uncover the greatest legitimate e-mail tackle.

Usually you can guess the syntax of e-mail addresses, but if you guess it incorrect, and the e-mail tackle bounces, that can harm your potential e-mail deliverability, so obtaining the right e-mail tackle is extremely crucial.

Here is how to get the right e-mail tackle almost one hundred% of the time:

Make a Submit request to the Endpoint:

The Physique must appear like this: 

{“1st_identify”:”/Very first_identify”,



(substitute all of the “/variables” with the columns from Clay). The finish outcome must appear like this:


The E-mail Confirm endpoint makes it possible for you to confirm that the e-mail tackle you are making an attempt to attain is energetic. This assures that your e-mail lands in the principal inbox as regularly as achievable.

A single issue individuals typically encounter when they are just receiving began with cold outreach, is that they send emails that haven’t been verified. If an e-mail supplier sees that you are sending emails that maintain bouncing, they are much more probably to finish up in the spam folder.

The greatest portion about Polaris’ E-mail Confirm endpoint, is that it comes with free of charge limitless credits on any paid strategy. This is extremely effective, as now you really do not require to commit hundreds of bucks on resources like BulkEmailChecker. Here’s how it functions.

What you are going to want to do is make a Submit request to the Endpoint:

The Physique must appear like this: 


(substitute all of the “/variables” with the columns from Clay). If accomplished effectively, you will get a 200 outcome that demonstrates Legitimate, Invalid, or Unconfirmed:

Obtaining Setup with Polaris

The 1st issue you require to do is request an API Important from Polaris’s Site. You can request an API Important on their site.

An API-Important makes it possible for them to authenticate that you are generating the request to their servers.

When signing up, if you enter the code “Penguin” you will get 50 free of charge enrichment credits.

As soon as you have your API crucial, it is off to the races.

Polaris is one particular of the 1st organizations we’ve noticed that is creating resources to be employed on-leading of Clay.

I believe this is a genuinely special way to include resources to current workflows for organizations. Let us see in which issues will go in the coming months!