Finding Speakers & Selling Cold Email Services: A Guide

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As a revenue specialist, one particular of the most significant difficulties you may encounter is obtaining the proper prospective customers.

Let’s say you are functioning for a business giving cold e-mail companies. Have you regarded as focusing on specialist speakers?

Right here are a handful of factors why they may be the excellent prospective customers:

  • Cold emails assist speakers construct relationships with occasion organizers.
  • Speakers can use cold emails to attain out to prospective collaborators or sponsors.
  • Cold emails are efficient resources for marketing their speaking occasions.

So, time to get action! How do we locate speakers to promote cold e-mail companies?

The world wide web supplies a great deal of sources. But here’s the challenge – how do we pull all the specifics and organize them on a table?

If this is some thing you are hunting for, then this guidebook is for you. Study on and comply with the measures beneath to find out how to locate prospects and enrich them utilizing Clay.

sell cold email services to speakerssell cold email services to speakers

one) Set up Quick Information Scraper

For this tutorial, we’re going to use Quick Information Scraper to pull related information from our target prospects. Go ahead and set up the Quick Information Scraper extension for Google Chrome.

install Instant Data Scraperinstall Instant Data Scraper

two) Scrape Prospects from espeakers

Let’s say we’re focusing on speakers that specialize in coaching startups and company owners.

Go to and enter the related keywords and phrases on the search bar. In this situation, enter ‘coaching – entrepreneurship.’

find leads from espeakersfind leads from espeakers

Beneath the search bar, you will observe filters like occasion variety, occasion date, and place. You can modify these to refine your search, but for this tutorial, we’ll maintain them unchanged.

Then, click ‘Search Speakers.’

Now you have the filtered final results, click the Quick Information Scraper icon from the toolbar.  

Instant Data Scraper iconInstant Data Scraper icon

In the pop-up window, set the minimal and greatest delays for every single request. The objective of these delays is to mimic a human-like habits when searching the site. This will assist avoid your IP from receiving banned or fee-constrained. 

Examine the infinite scroll alternative to capture all the final results on the webpage. Then, click ‘Start crawling.’ 

Instant Data Scraper settingsInstant Data Scraper settings

As soon as the method is total, the app will display you the quantity of pages scraped as nicely as the quantity of rows collected and functioning time. 

For our functions, let’s download the consequence in a CSV file format.

three) Import Your Information On Clay

Commence by producing a new table on Clay. Import the CSV file.

create new table on Claycreate new table on Clay

You need to now see all the info we’ve just scraped from espeakers.

import table on Clayimport table on Clay

Go ahead and get rid of the info that you really don’t want. For our tutorial, maintain the speaker identify, speaker place, and speaker one particular-liner, and get rid of the rest.

four) Get the Prospect’s LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles offer the most up to date info about our prospective customers, such as their speak to specifics.

So, let’s enrich our listing by clicking on the table and choosing ‘Add enrichment.’

add enrichment to Clay tableadd enrichment to Clay table

In the pop-up, search for an integration instrument to get the LinkedIn URLs of your prospects. In this situation, locate and pick ‘Find &amp Enrich Particular person from Google Search.’

Find & Enrich Person from Google SearchFind & Enrich Person from Google Search

On the search query, specify the column that includes the names of the speakers. Conserve and run the integration.

Find & Enrich Person from Google Search inputFind & Enrich Person from Google Search input

Your table need to now show the LinkedIn URLs for every single prospect. 

enrich table with LinkedIn profileenrich table with LinkedIn profile

five) Discover the E-mail Tackle

Now that we have their LinkedIn URLs, we want to enrich the table additional to locate their e-mail addresses.

Once more, proper-click your table and pick ‘Add Enrichment.’ This time, search for the ‘Find Individual Email’ enrichment instrument.

find personal email of contactsfind personal email of contacts

Set the input variety as LinkedIn URL. Then, include the column containing the prospect’s LinkedIn profile as input.

enrichment tool settingsenrichment tool settings

Click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’

Toggle the information you want to include to your table. For our objective, pick:

  • Speak to Individual E-mail
  • Speak to 1st Name 
  • Speak to Final Identify
  • Speak to E-mail (to get the prospect’s perform e-mail, if any)
enrichment tool settingsenrichment tool settings

As soon as you are completed, conserve and run the integration.

You need to now see the specifics additional to the table, such as the e-mail addresses.

enrich list with email addressenrich list with email address

six) Compose A Cold E-mail

Now you have the speak to specifics, the following phase is to publish a compelling e-mail to promote your cold e-mail companies.

Manually crafting customized cold emails for every single lead can get a great deal of time. And I’m rather certain it is not some thing you’d want to invest the rest of your day with.

The trick is to use ChatGPT. With Clay’s AI integration, you can automate the complete method and make challenging-to-resist emails in a handful of clicks.

So, click ‘Use AI’ from the pop-up.

use ChatGPT to write cold emailuse ChatGPT to write cold email

The only factor you want is to be innovative with the AI prompts. Right after all, you really don’t want to send emails that sound robotic and insincere. That would be a large flip-off!

But this may get some practice to get the proper final results. 

Right here are a handful of guidelines to assist you get started out with ChatGPT:

  • Incorporate particular specifics in your prompt, this kind of as the market, the excellent client, the item or services you are giving, and so on.
  • Use a pleasant and conversational tone when creating the e-mail.
  • Maintain your message brief and sweet, about a hundred – 150 phrases.
  • Include a sturdy contact to action.
  • Maintain refining your prompt till you get the sought after final results.

Now, enter your prompt on the supplied discipline.

ChatGPT prompt for writing cold emailChatGPT prompt for writing cold email

Run the integration. Your table need to now show ChatGPT’s response.

ChatGPT cold email resultsChatGPT cold email results

Here’s a sample ChatGPt prompt to produce a cold e-mail (come to feel totally free to modify this to match your demands):

You are a revenue specialist promoting cold e-mail companies to specialist speakers. Your occupation is to begin revenue conversations with prospective consumers as a representative of the XYZ business. You constantly are speaking about how we would be capable to assist the man or woman you are reaching out to. 

Compose messages that are underneath a hundred phrases to prospective clients. Every single message you publish follows the message template and is underneath a hundred phrases. 

Your message template: 

[Add an email subject line]

1st Line: [mention something about your client’s work and how you admire their vision. Don’t make it too complimentary] 

2nd line: [mention how you can help them bridge to organizations looking for speakers for their training, workshops, conferences, or podcasts] [present a case study that tells a story of how you helped another customer like them. Include the story and the quantitative results] [why should they care about whatever your intention is] [add a soft call to action]. 

Finish of template. 

Commence the e-mail with: Hi [first name]

Finish the e-mail with: Sincerely, [Your Name]  

Here’s a sample cold e-mail created by ChatGPT:

ChatGPT cold email outputChatGPT cold email output

Topic: Increase Your Speaker Outreach 

Hi Aaron, 

I not too long ago watched your keynote on innovation and was actually inspired by your vision. I perform with XYZ business and we specialize in connecting best-notch speakers like you to organizations looking for knowledge for their occasions. 

Situation in stage, we not too long ago assisted John Doe improve his speaking engagements by 45% inside 6 months by using our cold emailing companies. With us, you could increase your attain, therefore inspiring a more substantial audience. 

Would you be interested in hearing far more about the advantages?


[Your Name]

Producing A Cold E-mail Template to Promote

Now, to the entertaining element!

Let’s produce a cold e-mail template we can promote to specialist speakers. Once more, comply with the identical guidelines described over. 

You are totally free to be innovative. For instance, you can consider adding personalized city location to your emails. You’d do every thing to catch your prospect’s interest and steer clear of the dreaded spam folder, proper?

Here’s a sample prompt I utilized to make a cold e-mail template. Note that this may not be the very best cold e-mail template however. So, tweak and refine it till it sounds ideal.

You are a specialist speaker with knowledge in coaching startups or company owners. Your occupation is to begin conversations with prospective clients as a representative of the XYZ business. You talk in a specialist tone and method with the encounter of a twenty-yr veteran in the company discipline. You constantly are speaking about how we would be capable to assist the man or woman we are reaching out to and not just speaking about the items the business does. 

Your prospective clients are organizations hunting for speakers for their coaching, workshops, podcasts, or conferences. 

Compose messages that are underneath a hundred phrases to prospective clients. Every single message you publish follows the message template and is underneath a hundred phrases.   

Message template:

[Add an email subject line]

1st Line: [Mention the client’s work and their vision in helping small business owners.] 

2nd Line: [Mention your expertise as an entrepreneurial coach][Mention a case study of how you helped another organization like them. Include the story and the quantitative results] [Inquire for speaking opportunities at one of their events]  

[Add a soft call to action]. Finish of template

Commence the e-mail with: Hi /1st Identify

Finish the e-mail with: Sincerely, [Your Name] 

And, here’s the sample output utilizing the template over:

ChatGPT cold email templateChatGPT cold email template

That is A Wrap!

Cold emailing, when completed appropriately, can assist you construct connections with prospective consumers and near far more offers. Resources like Quick Information Scraper, Clay, and ChatGPT are excellent assistants to assist you streamline and automate the method. 

But this is just the starting. As you put into action the guidelines described over, spend interest to the responses you acquire. Refine your method. Constantly locate methods to personalize and increase your emails.

If you enjoy this tutorial, contemplate sharing it with your pals or anybody who may advantage from it. Your experiences are beneficial, also, so really don’t hesitate to share them in the remarks.