Making Google Sheets Public: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Occasionally you want to collaborate on a Google Sheet with individuals who never have a Google account. Perhaps you happen to be operating on a task with somebody who isn’t going to use Google Docs, or perhaps you happen to be just making an attempt to make it simpler for individuals to fill out a type.

No matter what the cause, you can make a Google Sheet publicly editable so that any individual can fill it out. Some of the most typical factors for generating a sheet publicly editable are:

– To develop a make contact with type

-To make a signal-up sheet

-To gather information from a survey

-To enable apps or information providers to accessibility information

There are presently three permission ranges related with a Google Sheet: Viewer, Commenter, and Editor.

  • A viewer can only see the sheet.
  • A commenter can see and include remarks.
  • An editor can see, include remarks, and edit.

Make a Google Sheet Publicly Editable

To make a sheet editable to any individual with the website link, irrespective of no matter whether or not they have a Google account, comply with these basic methods:

one. Click on the Share button in the leading proper corner of the sheet.

two. In the “Share with Other people” dialog box, adjust the Basic Accessibility permission degree to “Anybody with the website link” and set the discipline to Editable.

three. Click Conserve.

allow edit access screen to anyone with link in google sheetsallow edit access screen to anyone with link in google sheets

Which is it! Now any individual who has the website link to the sheet will be capable to edit it. Hold in thoughts that any individual with the website link will be capable to see and edit any information in the sheet, so be mindful who you share it with.

How to Make a Google Type Public, But Not Editable

If you want to allow public viewing on a type but hold the accessibility to be study-only. You would nonetheless give basic accessibility to any individual with the website link but set the editing alternative to see or comment only:

public but not editable sheets in Google Sheets viewing optionpublic but not editable sheets in Google Sheets viewing option

Restrict Specified Cells in Google Sheets

If you want to avert individuals from accidentally editing your information, you can lock distinct cells or ranges. To do this, pick the cells or ranges you want to lock, click the Information menu, and then pick “Protected ranges and cells.”

In the protected ranges and cells dialog box, give your selection a identify and set the permission degree to “Only me.” Now only you will be capable to edit individuals cells.

You can also include remarks to distinct cells to give individuals guidelines on what information need to go there. To include a comment, pick the cell and then click the Insert menu and pick “Comment.”

In the comment box, kind your message and then click Conserve. Now any individual who views the sheet will see your comment when they hover above that cell.

Hold in thoughts that remarks are only noticeable to individuals who have accessibility to the sheet. If you want to give somebody distinct guidelines on how to fill out a publicly editable sheet, you may want to share the sheet with them right so they can see your remarks.


Producing a Google Sheet publicly editable is a excellent way to collaborate with other individuals, no matter whether they have a Google account or not. Whilst trying to keep a sheet publicly editable, you can restrict specified cells so that individuals can only edit them if they have the proper permissions. Typical factors to make your sheet public are for signal-up sheets or suggestions kinds. No matter what your cause, any individual with the website link will be capable to edit your sheet. Greatest of luck!