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WPRocket: The Essential WordPress Site Building Tool

WPRocket is hands down the best WordPress caching plugin I've ever worked with. You can simplify a bunch of plugins into one and tweak settings until you've mastered your sites speed. Here's some of my thoughts after using the plugin for a year and a half
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Cloudways Hosting: An Honest Review After 16 Months

Cloudways is an extremely fast and powerful website host that can serve your business a multitude of services. We've been using it for well over a year now and wanted to give our thoughts on the powerhouse of a host!
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Solutions for CLS Issues with Google AdSense Integration

Is Google AdSense creating a massive CLS jump on your website? It happened to us! Here's how we fixed it.
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The Definitive Speed Optimization Guide for Breakdance Builder

Website speed is crucial. Users will leave your site within seconds if it doesn't load. Breakdance Builder is an extremely fast builder with almost no bloat, but why not try to make your site even more efficient? Here's our list of the best plugins and tips to ensure your site is the fastest it could be.
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Integrating CDN with WordPress & Breakdance via

A Content Delivery Network is a great way to ensure website traffic across the world is evenly distributed, allowing visitors to universally experience the content on your website with the speed of being around the corner.
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2023’s Top WordPress Drag & Drop Builders: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is the most popular website management platform in the world. With it comes the beautiful world of page builders. Each one offers their own unique features and community, but which one is best for you? Here's the best 4 drag and drop page builders to use in 2023.
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Imagify Review: WordPress Image Compression Made Affordable

Optimize your website's performance with Imagify, a powerful image compression plugin. Large images will often slow down your website and negatively impact user experience and SEO. With Imagify, you can easily compress and resize images without sacrificing quality, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your website.
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Optimizing Breakdance Builder with a3 Lazy Load Setup

Lazy loading is a wonderful way of improving the loading time if your website. Combining a3 lazy loading with the powerful speed of Breakdance makes for an insanely fast site.
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Accelerating Breakdance Caching with WPRocket: Tips for 2023

Learn how to speed up your WordPress website with one of the best premium speed and caching plugins, WP Rocket. Easily optimize your Breakdance Builder site and improve your page structure & loading times.
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The Importance of Alt Text in Web Design: 6 Key Reasons

Including alt text on website images can help increase your accessibility, SEO, and overall improve your visitors' experience. Here's why you should make sure your images have alt text
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Understanding POST admin-ajax.php in WordPress

Admin-ajax.php is an important part of the WordPress platform because it helps to manage and process AJAX requests. This file is used to handle administrative tasks, such as creating or deleting posts, adding new users, or changing passwords. Because this file is so important, it’s crucial to understand the basics.
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Integrating Super Fast Sliders in Breakdance Builder

Adding a fast slider to your website can be beneficial in increasing conversions and engaging your visitors
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Breakdance vs Elementor: The Ultimate 2023 Page Builder Battle

With the release of the new Breakdance Builder, Elementor has some direct competition. Let's go over the benefits of each builder
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Mastering WordPress Speed Optimization in 2023

In this ultimate guide to WordPress speed, we'll answer all of your questions about website speed and how to optimize your WordPress site for speed. We'll also provide some top tips on how to troubleshoot common speed issues, so you can keep your site running fast and smoothly.
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Enhancing Performance: Adding CDN to Breakdance Builder Sites

If you are building a website targeted at users across a large geographical region, you may want to consider using a content delivery network (CDN) on your WordPress website. A CDN can significantly improve the loading speed of your website by caching your content on servers located closer to your visitors.