WordPress Themes vs Page Builders: Making the Right Choice in 2023

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Are you caught amongst determining regardless of whether to use a WordPress theme or developing your web site with a webpage builder like Breakdance? There are advantages and disadvantages to the two relating to design and style, velocity, and versatility. Some themes match specific kinds of websites much better than other people. We have been doing work with Breakdance considering that it was announced and have compiled our ideas on how it fares from scratch towards utilizing it with WordPress themes. We have mixed our ideas on Breakdance with how we have observed other webpage builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, and Elementor create more than the many years.

When it comes to velocity, Breakdance is unrivaled. It really is lightning quickly from the front finish to the back finish. Despite the fact that in comparison to pre-constructed themes, you will have to place in a tiny a lot more perform when it comes to design and style. But irrespective of your selection, you are going to be capable to produce a lovely web site. If you happen to be not certain which route to consider, we hope this manual can support you make that selection.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a predesigned template for your internet site. It involves a stylesheet for the search and truly feel of your web site, as nicely as default templates for your pages and posts. When you set up a new theme, it will fully alter the design and style and layout of your internet site.

Some webpage builders really perform as themes, so I feel it’d be honest to contemplate them right here also. A fantastic instance of this would be Bricks, an extremely effective builder that hooks proper into themes (much less bloat).

When it comes to WordPress themes, you can locate the two free of charge and premium choices. Cost-free themes are fantastic if you are on a price range, but they have a tendency to be much less dependable, lack help, and are not quite attractive. Premium themes provide a lot more characteristics, but they can be pricey.

If you choose to go with a WordPress theme, you will want to locate one particular that fits your wants. Do some analysis and go through testimonials to locate a theme that is compatible with the plugins you want to use. You must also make certain the theme is responsive, which means it will change to various display sizes.

We cannot anxiety ample how critical it is to make certain your theme is responsive, has been up to date not too long ago, and gives help. A good deal of instances men and women will locate a theme they like, only to recognize it is no longer supported and triggers difficulties down the street.

Deciding on a dead-finish theme could lead to hundreds of hrs of your time to be wasted months or many years from now!

Even if you actually like the design and style, it is just not really worth utilizing some thing you are going to have to change in the potential. Also, if you happen to be newer to internet growth, it may make a lot more sense to acquire a theme with documentation (or even much better – one particular that comes with help) to support you get commenced.

To locate a theme, you can both search the WordPress Theme Directory or get a premium theme from a marketplace like ThemeForest. I highly recommend Bricks for fully developing a web site from scratch or from the local community themes. It combines the very best component of themes (integration &amp customization) with no the bloat of an whole builder.

Pros of Utilizing WordPress Themes

  • Quicker To Setup – If you want to launch your internet site speedily, utilizing a WordPress theme is the way to go. With a pre-developed theme, all you want to do is set up it and include your personal articles. This is a a lot quicker approach than constructing a web site from scratch with a webpage builder.
  • Constructed by World wide web Designers – WordPress themes are developed by internet designers. This indicates that the styles are going to be designed with the intent to promote. The men and women who design and style WordPress themes want to produce some thing that seems fantastic and is simple to use.
  • Typically Responsive – If you happen to be utilizing a theme constructed inside of the final number of many years, there is a much better opportunity it is going to be responsive. These themes are constructed with mobile gadgets in thoughts and will change to various display sizes, fonts, and photos.
  • Constructed In Performance – Some themes provide good performance out of the box, like eCommerce integration or make contact with kinds. Other individuals are constructed to be utilised with particular plugins. Irrespective, you are going to have a lot more performance right away accessible to you if you use a theme rather than commencing from scratch.

Cons of Utilizing WordPress Themes

  • Velocity – Almost certainly the principal cause you should not be utilizing a theme: internet site bloat. Pre-constructed themes usually come packed with a good deal of characteristics you are going to never ever use. This can make your internet site slow and bloated. If velocity is critical to you, it is much better to start off with a blank slate and only include the characteristics you want. In addition to further plugins, themes will be constructed with webpage builders that load further scripts and stylesheets. These can actually slow down your internet site even if they are optimized.
  • Lack of Versatility – Themes are not as versatile as commencing with a blank slate. If you want to make important modifications to the design and style or layout of your internet site, it is going to be a lot less complicated to do so if you happen to be commencing from scratch. With a theme, you happen to be quite a lot caught with what ever layout the designer chose. If you want to make modifications, you are going to want to be comfy with HTML, CSS, and PHP which nonetheless may not allow you make the modifications you want.

When utilizing a WordPress theme, you are going to nonetheless be utilizing some type of webpage builder, regardless of whether which is the WordPress editor itself or a plugin like Breakdance, Elementor, or Divi. The principal variation is that with a WordPress theme, you happen to be commencing with a predesigned set of pages and performance that you then tweak to your liking. Whereas with a webpage builder like Breakdance, you happen to be commencing from scratch and constructing almost everything visually.

What is a WordPress Webpage Builder?

A WordPress webpage builder is a plugin that enables you to produce, edit, and customize your internet site visually. This indicates that you can drag and drop aspects close to the webpage to produce the layout you want, with no possessing to compose any code. Webpage Builders have speedily turn out to be one particular of the most well-liked techniques to create a WordPress internet site, but with any well-liked technologies, there are pros and cons.

Just lately, Breakdance, a new WordPress webpage builder was announced. The builder focuses on numerous enhanced characteristics in contrast to webpage builders at present in the industry, which includes:

– An interface that is the two a lot more intuitive and less complicated to use

– Enhanced efficiency and velocity

– Far more than one hundred aspects which includes make contact with kind builders, eCommerce aspects, and social media integration

– Greater responsiveness on mobile gadgets

Breakdance is nonetheless in its early phases, but it guarantees to be a effective WordPress webpage builder that can compete with the likes of Elementor and Divi.

When determining regardless of whether to use a WordPress theme or a webpage builder like Breakdance, it is critical to weigh the pros and cons of each and every. We’ll go more than the pros and cons (with Breakdance as our webpage builder) in thoughts.

Pros of Utilizing WordPress Webpage Builders

  • Layout Pages Visually – A single of the most significant benefits of utilizing a WordPress webpage builder is that you can design and style pages visually. This indicates that you never want to know any code to produce a lovely internet site. You can just drag and drop aspects close to the webpage until finally you have the layout you want. You nonetheless have to make certain your web site is responsive, but you never want to be concerned about coding for various display sizes.
  • A/B Check Templates – When utilizing a theme, your webpage and submit templates are normally set in stone. If you want to experiment with various layouts, you are going to want to produce a little one theme or use duplicate templates This can be time-consuming and challenging. With a webpage builder like Breakdance, you can effortlessly produce various versions of templates and A/B check them on various pages or posts to see which performs much better.
  • Dynamic Information Integration – WordPress dynamic information is a phrase utilised to describe the approach of pulling information from a database into your WordPress internet site. This can be anything at all from buyer information, item information, and submit information. WordPress themes are developed to be static. This indicates that they never usually perform nicely with integrating dynamic information like eCommerce merchandise or site posts with your webpage design and style. Webpage builders, on the other hand, are developed to be dynamic. This indicates that they can manipulate the formatting of WooCommerce or site submit fields and articles. Do not like your submit title on the left? Center it and include the author’s title whilst you happen to be at it!
  • Way Much less Bloat – Have you ever put in a WordPress theme only to locate that it came with thirty+ pages of documentation, tons of unused characteristics, and bloat that manufactured your internet site slow? We have. It really is not entertaining. When you happen to be utilizing a webpage builder like Breakdance, the only point you want to be concerned about is the plugin itself. This indicates that your internet site will be leaner and quicker. If you happen to be developing a internet site for on-line site visitors (which you must be!) you are going to want your web site to be as quickly as achievable. Search engines like Google also penalize slow sites, so it is doubly critical to make certain your internet site is as quickly as achievable.
  • Total Site Customization – If you have ever utilised a WordPress theme, you know that it can be tough to entirely customize your internet site. This is simply because themes are developed to be utilised by as several men and women as achievable. As this kind of, they normally have restricted customization choices. Webpage builders, on the other hand, are developed to be as versatile as achievable. This indicates that you can customize each element of your internet site, from the colours to the fonts to the layout. If you can dream it, you can most likely do it with a webpage builder.

Cons of Utilizing WordPress Webpage Builders

  • Not Quickly Responsive – Just like a theme, you are going to want to make certain that your pages are responsive. This indicates that they will want to search excellent on mobile gadgets, tablets, and desktop personal computers. You cannot just depend on the webpage builder to do this for you. Nevertheless, most webpage builders come with less complicated indicates of generating this achievable (doing work with percentages rather than explicit numbers).
  • Accessibility Considerations – Site accessibility is a large subject and one particular which is usually ignored. When utilizing a WordPress webpage builder, you are going to want to be further cautious to make certain that your internet site is available to absolutely everyone, irrespective of capability. This indicates utilizing clear and concise text, substantial-contrast colours, and steering clear of obstructive photos or movies. A premade theme could be developed with accessibility in thoughts, which is a advantage more than webpage builders
  • Lack of Help – Even though most builders provide plugin-associated help, they never usually provide end users technical help. This indicates that if you have a query about developing aspects utilizing the plugin, you could want to figure it out on your personal or locate an on-line forum.

Ought to I Use a Theme or a Webpage Builder?

Webpage builders are normally regarded to be a lot more versatile and customizable, whilst themes are usually observed as quicker and a lot more available. Even though I would not use a standalone theme in 2023, Bricks would be the very best alternative if you want a dependable theme that also functions as a webpage builder.

If you want to go the a lot more classic and longstanding route, select a dependable builder. In my view, Elementor and Divi is a waste of your time. They are previous, bloated, and have way much better choices.

If you choose to use a webpage builder for your web site, go with some thing newer like Breakdance for newbie/intermediate designers to some thing like Oxygen if you happen to be a lot more expert.

It also actually depends on your preferences and wants. If you happen to be constructing a easy internet site and you like the search of a distinct WordPress theme, then utilizing that theme will most likely be the quickest and best alternative.

Whichever route you select, make certain you consider the time to understand how to use whichever device you decide on so that you can get the most out of it.