Bounceproof: Email Validation Inside Google Sheets

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What is the worst component about sending emails? The component exactly where you will not know if they are going to bounce back, of program. But what is the 2nd worst component? Getting to use a separate e mail validation platform to uncover out.

With cold e mail remaining a main lead gen instrument for income and advertising and marketing teams, the approach of verifying e mail addresses has grow to be a lot more critical than ever. That is why we’re fired up to introduce Bounceproof: a easy, efficient way to validate your e mail lists appropriate within of Google Sheets.

Bounceproof helps make it straightforward to confirm your e mail lists with just a couple of clicks. Following verifying immediately in sheets, export your final results to your e mail-sending software program and you are very good to go. No a lot more trouble of dealing with numerous platforms and drastically simplifying your workflow.

So why use Bounceproof? Right here are just a couple of advantages:

⌛Never have to switch among platforms.

🏆Top-tier e mail verification strategies.

💰Competitive pricing per e mail credit score.

⏰ Saves you time and income.

💾 Entry your lead lists in a single spot.

What Is E mail Validation?

E mail validation is the approach of verifying that an e mail tackle exists and is legitimate. There are a amount of methods to do this, but the most widespread technique is to send a check e mail to the tackle in query and see if it bounces back.

If the check e mail is effectively delivered, then the tackle is regarded to be legitimate. If the e mail bounces back, then the tackle is invalid and ought to be eliminated from your checklist.

What Is A Bounce Fee?

The phrase “bounce rate” is e mail advertising and marketing lingo for the percentage of your emails that really do not make it to their meant location. There are two kinds of bounces: difficult and soft.

A difficult bounce is an e mail that has been returned to the sender since the tackle is invalid. This could be since the e mail tackle does not exist, the domain title is incorrect, or the mailbox is complete.

A soft bounce is an e mail that will get temporarily rejected by the getting server. This can occur for a amount of causes, which includes:

The recipient’s inbox is complete

The e mail is as well big to be accepted

The server is down or going through technical problems

Why Is E mail Validation Crucial?

E mail validation is critical since it aids you to maintain your bounce fee reduced. A large bounce fee can injury your sender popularity and make it tough to provide your emails to the inbox.

E mail validation is also critical since it aids you to clean up your e mail checklist. An outdated or inaccurate e mail checklist can result in a good deal of issues, which includes undeliverable emails, bounced emails, and wasted time and sources.

What is Bounceproof for Chrome?

Bounceproof is a Google Chrome extension that makes it possible for you to validate your e mail lists appropriate within Google Sheets. It is the easiest and most efficient way to confirm your e mail addresses and maintain your bounce fee reduced.

Bounceproof aims to make your lifestyle simpler by permitting you to validate your e mail lists appropriate within Google Sheets. That way, you can export your final results to your sending software program in an instantaneous. And since it really is all within of Google Sheets, you can say goodbye to dealing with numerous platforms &amp drastically simplify your workflow.

How Does BounceProof Function?

It is easy! In just a couple of actions you can validate emails immediately in your sheets:

  1. Download BounceProof for Google Chrome
  2. Produce your lead checklist in Google Sheets
  3. Guarantee your Sheet is publicly editable (so Bounceproof can edit)
  4. Paste the URL into BounceProof (from the leading of your web page)
  5. Set your columns &amp rows – then submit!

Now sit back, grab a coffee &amp view the verification approach in action. You can switch to the standing tab to see actual-time updates. Quick lists will confirm practically instantaneously, although longer lists could consider a minute or two. Bounceproof will include colorful text to your sheet to allow you know which emails passed and failed. In the standing tab, you could export your passed (or failed) prospects into an additional sheet.

When comprehensive, you will have a checklist of legitimate &amp invalid e mail addresses – as nicely as any catch-all domains that had been identified. If you export prospects from the standing tab, it will include an additional web page in your sheet which you can then export to the e mail-sending software program of your selection to start your campaigns!

finished bounceproof email list in google sheetsfinished bounceproof email list in google sheets
finished exported bounceproof email list of verified emails in google sheetsfinished exported bounceproof email list of verified emails in google sheets

How Significantly Does BounceProof Expense?

The extension is cost-free to download but emails are verified on a credit score technique. Presently, one hundred credits are $one.99, 500 credits are $six.99, and one thousand credits are $ten.99. There will be help for bigger credit score packages shortly following the beta is above. one verification is equal to one credit score. If a row in a checklist is empty, no credits will be deducted.


As continual e mail marketers, we are often seeking for new methods to optimize our workflow and boost our deliverability costs. And although there are a good deal of wonderful e mail validation companies out there, none of them mixed the effective capability of seamlessly integrating with Google Sheets. Until finally now…

BounceProof is the easiest and most efficient way to validate your e mail addresses and maintain your bounce fee reduced. It is quick, exact, and straightforward to use. Plus, it is cost-free to download and comes with ten cost-free credits! So what are you waiting for? Get commenced right now and use the additional time to program your following getaway. Your inbox will thank you.

BounceProof is at present in beta &amp accepting new customers! If you are interested in attempting it out, please install it here. We hope to make your e mail advertising and marketing lifestyle a tiny simpler! If you would like to get in touch, please let us know!