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Cold emailing is a single of the most efficient methods to connect with target prospective customers. It is a price range-pleasant technique to create your network.

When carried out appropriate, it aids increase engagement and shut discounts. 

But 1st, you will need to have to commence with substantial-good quality prospects. That is exactly where Clay measures in.

Clay is a strong prospecting instrument that aids you locate and enrich prospects. When utilised with Instantly, you can simply ramp up your cold outreach efforts. 

With these resources, prospecting and sending customized emails at scale has in no way been simpler.

In this manual, I’ll demonstrate you how you can enrich your prospects on Clay and send them to Quickly. By the finish, you need to be prepared to rock your campaigns with the two resources.

send contacts from Clay to Instantlysend contacts from Clay to Instantly

Sending Contacts From Clay to Quickly

one) Put together Your Listing

For this tutorial, I’ve ready a record of firms with their domains. We’ll need to have these information later on on to pull the perform emails of choice makers.

add table on Clayadd table on Clay

If you do not have the site URLs of your target firms, then you will need to have to enrich your record. Go through this tutorial about getting the site domain from a list of companies to understand how.

two) Locate the Function Emails

Let’s locate the speak to information of choice-makers from your target firms.

On your Clay table, let’s include a column and choose ‘Add Enrichment.’ 

add enrichment on Clayadd enrichment on Clay

Go to the ‘Recipes’ tab and select ‘SMBs – Locate and Confirm Determination Makers + Speak to Info.’

add enrichment recipe on Clayadd enrichment recipe on Clay

Clay puts collectively a number of apps so you can locate the owner’s or CEO’s speak to information with just a single phase. I locate this the simplest route if you do not like enriching your table a number of occasions. 

Note that you can also alter the recipe enrichment. Just choose an app that you want to use from the dropdowns. Then, enter your API essential for every app, or select Clay’s API essential.

Clay enrichment recipe settingsClay enrichment recipe settings

When every thing is set, all you need to have to do is include the firm title and domain as inputs. And that is it!

Click apply and run the integration.

Verify your table. You need to now see a number of columns additional containing details like LinkedIn URLs, names, and perform emails. Really feel totally free to hide the other redundant columns you do not need to have.

find work emails using Clayfind work emails using Clay

Note that Clay may possibly not be capable to pull all the related information of your prospects, and this is entirely typical. You can go ahead and clean your record just before proceeding to the subsequent phase.

three) Include Prospects to a Campaign in Quickly

Now you have the perform emails, the subsequent phase is to send your contacts to Quickly.

Once more, include an enrichment to your table. On the pop-up, choose ‘Add Lead to Campaign’ integration.

add leads to Instantly campaignadd leads to Instantly campaign

On the settings tab, you will need to have to set a number of items.

Initial, authenticate your Quickly account by incorporating an API essential.

To locate your API essential, open your Quickly account and go to your profile settings. Click the ‘Integrations’ tab and then ‘Copy API Crucial.’

Instantly API keyInstantly API key

Back to your Clay account, tap the ‘Choose Quickly API essential Account’ dropdown and click ‘Add an account.’ Then, paste your API essential right here.

paste Instantly API key to Claypaste Instantly API key to Clay

The 2nd phase is to enter your Campaign ID. Click the drop-down and select the title of your campaign from the record. 

If you do not have a single however, go back to your Quickly account and generate a new campaign.

add new campaign on Instantlyadd new campaign on Instantly

Then, enter the title of your campaign.

enter Instantly campaign nameenter Instantly campaign name

Back to your Clay dashboard, click the ‘Refresh fields’ to see the newly additional campaign from the dropdown. Then, choose it.

add Instantly campaign to Clayadd Instantly campaign to Clay

Last but not least, select the ‘Validated Function Emails’ column from the ‘Email’ discipline. 

add validated email to Instantly campaignadd validated email to Instantly campaign

Conserve and run the integration.

four) Confirm the Outcome

When the integration is total, you need to now see the consequence ‘Added to Campaign’ beneath the Quickly column.

Instantly integration with ClayInstantly integration with Clay

Now, verify your record on your Quickly account. Click the campaign you have additional and go to the ‘Leads’ tab. You need to see right here the record of emails additional from Clay.

adding leads from Clay to Instantlyadding leads from Clay to Instantly

What’s Up coming?

Quickly is a excellent instrument for immediately sending customized emails at scale. When utilised with Clay, you will quickly create substantial-good quality lead lists and enhance your e mail advertising technique.

Clay is not constrained to just discovering perform emails. Experiment with Clay’s other functions to locate all the related details about your prospects. For instance, you can:

So, there you have it! If you have any inquiries about this tutorial, please allow me know in the feedback.