UpdraftPlus: The Trusted WordPress Backup Solution Reviewed

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Are you clumsy? Like significantly – request oneself.

It really is okay if you are not. But I am creating this simply because I AM.

Image this – you have been sipping on your coffee, crafting a killer website publish, and you are nearly prepared to hit publish. But then, your fingers do the cha-cha on the keyboard and, poof, some thing goes incorrect. Or even worse, some sneaky minor hacker thinks it is exciting to mess with your internet site. That is when UpdraftPlus hops in, whisks away your worries, and tends to make certain you are nonetheless on leading of your game.

Just before we even get into the backup plugin, is it actually crucial to back your internet site up? If you answered that you are not clumsy earlier, consider about the other motives why you may need to have a backup.

Believe about all of the tough perform you have place into your internet site. What if it acquired erased overnight?

Why Ought to You Backup Your WordPress Internet site?

Envision your WordPress web site as the digital embodiment of your tough perform, passion, and commitment.

It represents a great number of hrs and assets invested in crafting the excellent platform for your audience or consumers.

In a planet the place information is gold, it is vital to defend this invaluable asset. Backing up your internet site is non-negotiable, no matter who you are. Here is why:

Shield Towards Cyber Intrusions

Regardless of WordPress’s stringent protection protocols, the cyber landscape is continually evolving with new threats.

Savvy hackers are continually devising techniques to infiltrate sites, and falling victim to this kind of an assault can lead to stolen information or a compromised internet site.

A backup serves as an insurance coverage policy it really is your ace up the sleeve to promptly restore your internet site, minimizing downtime and safeguarding your status.

I have utilised plugins like WordFence for several many years but nonetheless go to rest with peace of thoughts following being aware of my internet site is constantly backed up.

Fortifying Towards Internet hosting Vulnerabilities

Dependability is vital, but even the greatest internet hosting companies can knowledge sudden problems this kind of as server outages. These hiccups could stem from hardware malfunctions, extreme targeted traffic, or even malicious software program.

Your backup is akin to an emergency generator it is a resource you can depend on to rapidly get issues up and operating, even when the principal techniques fail.

A Security Harness for Human Error

Every single seasoned skilled understands that human error is inevitable. Regardless of whether it really is an accidental deletion or an incorrect modification, these problems can have substantial repercussions on your web site.

Possessing a backup is like a security harness that catches you when you stumble, enabling you to revert to a prior state and rectify mistakes with no significant losses.

Stability Amidst the Waves of Updates

WordPress, along with its plugins and themes, regularly undergoes updates for enhanced protection and performance. Nevertheless, these updates can at times generate conflicts or bugs that influence your internet site.

Believe of your backup as an anchor that keeps your ship regular amidst the waves of updates. Ought to an update result in problems, you can effortlessly roll back to a secure edition even though you tackle the difficulty.

Smooth Sailing In the course of Internet site Migration

Regardless of whether it is to boost efficiency or switch to a far more reputable internet hosting services, web site migration is a frequent practice.

Nevertheless, migration is akin to moving useful cargo across unpredictable seas there is usually a danger of information reduction.

A backup guarantees you have duplicates of your valuable cargo. Ought to something go missing or get broken throughout transit, you have the signifies to restore it effortlessly. Believe in me. I have carried out this prior to. It sucks if you are not ready.

So how do you backup your internet site? What functions greatest? That is the place UpdraftPlus comes in.

What is UpdraftPlus?

UpdraftPlus is a common WordPress plugin utilised for web site backup and restoration. It was launched in 2010 as Updraft, a cost-free backup plugin.

Right after some tweaking created by David Anderson and his group, UpdraftPlus.com was officially registered in 2013. UpdraftPlus now has above three million end users and is dubbed the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin.

UpdraftPlus is a freemium plugin. The cost-free edition is one hundred% ample to offer robust backup performance to generate a backup for your WordPress web site and is far ahead of the competitors. You will not Need to have to spend for the plugin, but may possibly run into comfort problems with just the cost-free prepare.

UpdraftPlus Premium provides innovative attributes, stricter protection measures, and a greater storage capability. This is a greater selection if you publish routinely.

UpdraftPlus Important Attributes

I imply the most vital component of a backup plugin is to uhh… backup your web site, correct? Yeah that is superb.

In addition to that, Updraft has a number of attributes that make it stand out in contrast to any other WordPress plugin.

Guide and Automated Backups

UpdraftPlus enables you to generate a backup for your internet site in two techniques – manually and instantly.

You can also routine the backup, pick how several backups you want, and choose your remote storage, dependent on your prepare. Backing your internet site up is also super easy:

  1. After you set up and activated UpdraftPlus, go to Plugins &gt Put in Plugins.
  2. Click Settings of the UpdraftPlus plugin, and you will be led to the UpdraftPlus menu.
  1. Go to the Settings tab and you will see two kinds of backup schedules – Files backup routine and Database backup routine. 
  2. Use the dropdown menus to choose among Guide or scheduled this kind of as Every single two hrs, Every single four hrs, and so on. (Tip: Pick a far more regular backup if you have massive files and if you update routinely.)
  1. Scroll down the webpage and choose which files you want to consist of and exclude throughout the backup approach.
  2. If you want, you can also send a report to your website’s admin e mail tackle.
  3. Click the Conserve Alterations button at the bottom of the webpage.
  1. Scroll up the webpage and choose from the remote storage alternatives. This consists of Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, Google Cloud, Google Drive, UpdraftPlus, and far more. Note that some of them are only obtainable when you improve to UpdraftPlus Premium.
  2. After you have picked your remote storage, stick to the directions meticulously.  For the sake of presentation, let’s try out Google Drive.
    1. Click on the Google Drive icon and the directions will seem, as proven beneath.
    2. Indicator in to your Google account and authenticate by enabling UpdraftPlus to have entry.
    3. Total the set up.
    4. You will be led to Settings &gt Backup/Restore menu, and will be greeted by the message, “Success! You have authenticated your Google account.” 
    5. Click the Backup Now Button.
    6. A popup will seem, exhibiting the actions that you want to do. Examine favored boxes and click Backup Now.
  1. After the backup is productive, you will see a new message in the ‘Last log message’ box saying that the backup was productive. The quantity of your ‘Existing backups will also boost by one particular.

1-Click Backup Restoration

UpdraftPlus enables you to restore your backup with just one particular click. Basically go to the Backup/Restore menu and scroll down the webpage. In the ‘Existing backups’ segment, you have the selection to restore, download, or delete your backup, as effectively as see the log file.

To see the log, click the See Log button. A popup will open, exhibiting the log. You can also download the log file.

To download your backup, click the box of the sort of backup files you want to download. This consists of Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, and Other people. A box will open and will give you alternatives on what to do. You can download it to your pc, delete it from your world wide web server, or browse its contents. You can also click Pick All.

To restore your backup, click the blue Restore button. A popup will seem the place you can choose which part of your backup you want to restore. Then, click the Up coming button.

UpdraftPlus will then put together the backup files, and if the approach is productive, press the Restore button once more.

After the restoration approach starts, you can see the Exercise Log. The whole approach generally will take a number of seconds, dependent on the dimension of your backup files.

After the restoration approach is completed and productive, you will see a green message “Restore productive” with a green examine beside it. Then, click the “Return to UpdraftPlus configuration” button.

In the Backup/Restore menu, you will see the message:

Your backup has been restored. Your WordPress set up has outdated folders from its state prior to you restored/migrated (technical data: these are suffixed with -outdated). You ought to press this button to delete them as quickly as you have verified that the restoration worked.

Press the Delete Previous Directories button.

UpdraftPlus will then start off getting rid of the outdated folders. After the approach is productive, click “Return to UpdraftPlus configuration”. 


UpdraftMigrator is a attribute that enables you to migrate your WordPress web site to a various URL/domain. But even though you can also migrate a web site with no a plugin, UpdraftPlus tends to make the migration quicker, simpler, and safer. The cost-free edition of UpdraftPlus has no migration attribute, but you can acquire it as an include-on.

UpdraftMigrator is obtainable in two limitless include-on strategies – the Migrator and the Migrator Professional. You can acquire them individually, dependent on your demands. You can also improve to UpdraftPlus Premium, which consists of other innovative attributes. But irrespective of how you avail UpdraftMigrator, the migration approach is usually the identical. 

  1. Generate a new WordPress web site (target internet site). This is the place the contents of the authentic web site (supply internet site) will migrate.
  2. Set up and activate UpdraftMigrator (or Migrator) on each sites/domains.
  3. Generate a backup copy of your supply web site.
  4. In your target internet site, go to Settings &gt UpdraftPlus Backups &gt Migrate / Clone.
  1. Scroll down the webpage until finally you attain the Migration segment. Click the ‘Receive a backup from a remote site’ button.
  1. You will be led to the Settings webpage. Click the Generate a Important button and copy the important.
  1. Log in to your supply internet site and go to Settings &gt UpdraftPlus Backups &gt Migrate / Clone.
  2. Scroll down the webpage until finally you attain the Migration segment. Click the ‘Send a backup to one more site’ button.
  1. Click on the ‘Add a site’ hyperlink and paste the important created from the target internet site. The URL of your target internet site will then seem in the hyperlink box. Click the Send button.
  1. After the migration is productive, you will see a new message in the ‘Last log message’ box in your target internet site, saying that the backup was productive. The quantity of your ‘Existing backups’ will also boost by one particular.
  2. Click the Restore button. This will lead to a webpage the place you can choose the files you want to restore. Right after choosing, click the Restore button.
  1. Examine the box on the Database Restoration alternatives. This is to update the URLs with the new internet site URLs. Then, click the Restore button.
  1. After the approach is productive, you will see a green message “Restore successful” with a green examine beside it. Click the “Return to UpdraftPlus configuration” button. 
  2. You will be essential to log in to your WordPress dashboard. You need to enter the username/password of your supply internet site.

UpdraftMigrator Pricing

Migrator ($thirty/12 months)

  • Limitless web sites
  • 60-days help
  • one 12 months of new installs

Migrator Professional ($49/12 months)

  • Every little thing in Migrator
  • one-12 months help

Note: A created clone internet site lively for 24 hrs charges one token. Every single further week charges one more one token.


An further services to UpdraftPlus is named UpdraftClone, and it actually functions as its very own issue. Like UpdraftMigrator, UpdraftClone also enables you to generate a new copy of your WordPress web site. But you may really instantaneously clone it to a sandbox (check internet site), immediately from UpdraftPlus making use of their very own servers.

You can also use UpdraftClone even if you are making use of the cost-free edition of UpdraftPlus.

All you have to do is to purchaseUpdraftClone tokens by means of your UpdraftPlus account. Alternatively, you can improve to UpdraftPlus Premium to useUpdraftClone, along with other innovative attributes this kind of as UpdraftMigrator and UpdraftVault.

After you have bought UpdraftClone tokens, there are two techniques to clone your WordPress web site making use of UpdraftClone. The very first one particular is by means of your WordPress dashboard. Under is the stage-by-stage method:

  1. Log in to your UpdraftPlus account.
  2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings &gt UpdraftPlus Backups &gt Migrate / Clone.
  3. Enter your UpdraftPlus account specifics, and examine the box for the Terms and Situations. Click the Connect button.
  1. After linked, choose the PHP and WordPress versions, the specifics of the cloned internet site you want to generate, and the clone area. Aside from London, the other obtainable clone areas are Amsterdam, Bangalore, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.
  2. Press the ‘Create clone’ button.
  1. You will then see a message, “The clone has been provisioned, and its information has been sent to it. After the clone has completed deploying it, you will get an e mail.”
  2. After the cloning approach is completed, you can uncover the hyperlink to the cloned internet site in the Migrate / Clone tab. Your username and password are the identical as that of your supply internet site.

Right here is one more way to clone your WordPress web site making use of UpdraftClone tokens.

  1. Log in to your UpdraftPlus account.
  2. Go to My Account &gt UpdraftClone (My Clones) and examine if you nonetheless have sufficient tokens to clone your internet site.
  1. Scroll down the webpage until finally you attain the bottom. If this is your very first time producing a important to clone a internet site, click the “Create keys” button. Otherwise, click “Show present keys.”
  1. Copy the important or one particular of the keys and log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings &gt UpdraftPlus Backups &gt Migrate / Clone.
  3. Scroll down the webpage and paste the important into the important box. Examine the “I accept the UpdraftClone Terms and Conditions” box and click the Connect button.
  1. Complete Methods four-seven from the earlier technique.


UpdraftVault is an optional storage place for your web site backup if the other remote storage techniques are unavailable or you do not want to use them. If you are making use of the cost-free UpdraftPlus edition, you can acquire any of the supplied alternatives. But if you are a UpdraftPlus Premium consumer, you instantly have 1GB of storage on UpdraftPlusVault.

  1. To useUpdraftVault, log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click Settings &gt UpdraftPlus Backups and go to the Settings menu.
  3. Scroll down to the remote storage alternatives and click the UpdraftVault icon.
  4. You will have two alternatives – ‘Show the options’ and ‘Connect.’
  1. If you are a cost-free UpdraftPlus consumer and this is your very first time making use of UpdraftVault, click the ‘Show the options’ and choose the one particular you want to acquire.
  1. If you are an UpdraftPlus Premium consumer and this is your very first time making use of UpdraftVault, click the ‘Connect’ button. Then, log in to your UpdraftPlus account to connect to your web site. A confirmation message will seem shortly.
  1. Scroll down the webpage and click the Conserve Alterations button.

Note: You can also pick to Disconnect anytime.

UpdraftVault Pricing

five GB

  • $35/12 months with the selection of one-month trial for $one

15 GB

  • $twenty/quarter or $70/12 months (yearly price reduction)

50 GB

  • $50/quarter or $175/12 months (yearly price reduction)

250 GB

  • $125/quarter or $450/12 months (yearly price reduction) 

UpdraftPlus: Free of charge vs Premium

The cost-free UpdraftPlus plugin is previously a full web site backup instrument to get started with.

It securely retailers backup files in a variety of remote storage spots, performs scheduled backups, and can restore them rapidly. Nevertheless, the principal distinction among the cost-free and the paid edition is in the further comfort attributes.

UpdraftMigrator, UpdraftClone, and UpdraftVault (1GB) are obtainable in UpdraftPlus Premium. You also get entry to far more storage alternatives, incremental backups, database encryption, innovative reviews, and several far more. UpdraftPlus Premium also supports several sites, dependent on your picked prepare.

UpdraftPlus Pricing

UpdraftPlus Premium is obtainable in five various strategies – Personalized, Company, Company, Enterprise, and Gold. All of them come with all premium attributes, one 12 months of help and cost-free updates, and one GB storage of UpdraftVault (50 GB for Gold). Under are the total specifics:

Personalized ($70/12 months)

  • Up to two web sites
  • +one UpdraftClone token

Company ($95/12 months)

  • Up to ten web sites
  • +two UpdraftClone tokens

Company ($145/12 months)

  • Up to 35 web sites
  • +five UpdraftClone tokens

Enterprise ($195/12 months)

  • Limitless web sites
  • +ten UpdraftClone tokens

Gold ($399/12 months)

  • Limitless web sites
  • +ten UpdraftClone tokens
  • 50 GB UpdraftVault
  • Limitless UpdraftCentral Cloud

UpdraftPlus Pros and Cons



  • Straightforward to use and setup

  • Free of charge edition loaded with attributes

  • In depth documentation

  • Buyer help forum for premium end users

  • Include-ons availible to acquire

  • Fairly priced premium strategies

  • Free of charge edition has minimum help

  • No genuine-time backups

  • No lifetime updates

  • Lack of developer help

UpdraftPlus Options


Duplicator is a quite common backup and migration plugin for WordPress sites. The cost-free edition now has above thirty million downloads &amp claims to be utilised by one.five million pros.

Duplicator has equivalent attributes to UpdraftPlus but differs in very a number of various techniques. I also consider its cons outweigh its pros.


  • Straightforward to set up
  • Drag-and-drop migration
  • Limitless backups and migrations
  • Less costly than UpdraftPlus
  • Wider help for cost-free and paid versions


  • Free of charge edition lacks some attributes (automated backup, scheduling)
  • No genuine-time and incremental backups
  • Fewer restoration attributes
  • Fewer third-get together integrations
  • No database encryption
  • Up to one hundred web sites only

All-in-1 WP Migration

Launched in 2013, All-in-One WP Migration is a cost-free WordPress plugin that can generate backups, and import or export a web site. The instrument is really common, boasting use on 60 million sites with five million+ lively installations. Rather of possessing a paid edition, you can acquire include-ons individually which expense among $69 to $129 a 12 months.


  • Basic, intuitive UI layout
  • Novice-pleasant
  • Mobile-pleasant
  • Drag-and-drop to import sites
  • No limits on internet hosting or working program
  • 50+ language translations
  • GDPR Compliant


  • Free of charge edition has quite constrained attributes
  • Import/Export internet site dimension up to 512 MB only
  • Not so targeted on the backup operation
  • No premium edition

Is UpdraftPlus Really worth Attempting?

Duh, that is why we wrote this. Just kidding that sounded kinda harsh.

UpdraftPlus is one hundred% well worth striving. I have utilised this on several web sites spanning above two many years now and will not see ourselves acquiring rid of it anytime quickly.

It really is just so simple to backup &amp restore web sites (and that is not even acquiring into the myriad of other attributes we spoke about earlier). Give them a try, you will not regret it.