Mastering Cold Emails: Connect with LinkedIn Post Likers

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Ever observed an individual engaging with a LinkedIn publish and considered they’d be a best prospect?

Prospecting can be challenging. 1 cause is that you hardly know any individual you are striving to promote to. 

This is why tapping into LinkedIn publish interactions can be a gold mine! Use this details to discover out your prospect’s requirements or interests. 

And, emailing an individual who showed curiosity in a publish can be the begin of a worthwhile skilled partnership!

With Clay and PhantomBuster, you really don’t want to manually make an work to get to know your prospective customers.

In this manual, I’m going to demonstrate you how to scrape emails of LinkedIn publish likers and create a compelling cold e-mail. Let’s dive in!

write cold emails using Claywrite cold emails using Clay

How to Get the Emails of LinkedIn Submit Likers

Prior to we commence, there are a number of issues that you want to set up.

  • Have an energetic account in PhantomBuster
  • Set up the app on your Google chrome extension. This enables your ‘Phantoms’ to connect to your Linkedin account and automate on your behalf. If you want a lot more details, you can refer to this tutorial.
  • Have the URL of the LinkedIn publish you are interested in.

After you have almost everything set, adhere to the actions beneath.

one) Extract LinkedIn Submit Likers Making use of PhantomBuster

Log into your PhantomBuster account. Go to the Phantom shop and seem for the ‘LinkedIn Submit Likers Export’ action.

To make the search a small less complicated for you, sort the key phrase ‘post’ on the search bar. On the left side menu, click ‘LinkedIn’ underneath ‘Categories.’

PhantomBuster dashboardPhantomBuster dashboard

After you discover it, click the ‘Use this Phantom’ button. This will lead you to the set up web page. 

LinkedIn Post Likers Export in PhantomBusterLinkedIn Post Likers Export in PhantomBuster

Enter the title of your new Phantom.

PhantomBuster Phantom namePhantomBuster Phantom name

Then, connect to your LinkedIn by means of a session cookie. Click conserve to proceed to the subsequent phase.

PhantomBuster settingsPhantomBuster settings

Paste the URL of the LinkedIn publish on the ‘Your publish URLs’ area. Note that you can also use Google sheet or CSV file to include numerous LinkedIn posts right here. But we’ll target on a single publish for this manual.

PhantomBuster settingsPhantomBuster settings

Beneath the conduct area, you have the selection to:

  • Get rid of duplicate profiles amongst diverse posts. This is helpful if you have entered numerous LinkedIn posts on the prior phase.
  • Watcher mode to acquire information from new publish likers.
PhantomBuster settingsPhantomBuster settings

We will not be touching them in this tutorial. 

PhantomBuster supplies alternatives to set up guide or automated launches for your Phantoms. For now, we’re going to set almost everything to guide.

PhantomBuster settingsPhantomBuster settings

Click ‘save’, then ‘launch’.

launch PhantomBusterlaunch PhantomBuster

After carried out, you must see a record of information underneath the ‘Results’ tab.  Download the CSV file for more enrichment in Clay.

results in PhantomBusterresults in PhantomBuster

Note that we can also use PhantomBuster to scrape emails. Even so, I personally discover Clay to be a lot more price-powerful.

two) Enrich LinkedIn Profiles on Clay

Let’s now enrich the information we’ve collected on Clay.

Start off with a blank table. Import the CSV file containing the LinkedIn profiles of your prospective customers.

add new table in Clayadd new table in Clay

Tip: As an alternative of importing a CSV file, an option way is to connect your PhantomBuster account by means of an API essential. Check out our separate tutorial about Pulling Information from PhantomBuster Making use of Clay to find out how.

At this level, you must have all the standard information of your prospective customers, this kind of as the LinkedIn profile, identify, task, and publish URL. 

upload csv in Clayupload csv in Clay

The subsequent point you will want to do is enrich the LinkedIn profiles to get e-mail addresses.

On the correct most column, click ‘Add Enrichment.’ Seem for ‘Enrich Individual from LinkedIn Profile’ and click to open. 

enrich LinkedIn profile using Clayenrich LinkedIn profile using Clay

On the settings window, you will have a number of alternatives to set up your input. 

We’ll not use the ‘LinkedIn Profile’ as input due to the fact we really don’t have the real LinkedIn profiles of our prospective customers. If you verify once again the table created by Phantom, you will discover the further characters on the LinkedIn URLs. These are VM IDs and they are immediately additional on scraped URLs. 

profile link from PhantomBusterprofile link from PhantomBuster

For this cause, we’ll be utilizing the ‘LinkedIn Product sales Navigator or Recruiter Profile’ to set our input. 

enrich person from LinkedIn profile using Clayenrich person from LinkedIn profile using Clay

Click the drop down and select ‘profileLink.’ Then, click ‘Continue to Include Fields’ to proceed.

enrich person from LinkedIn profile using Clayenrich person from LinkedIn profile using Clay

Subsequent, choose the information you would like to include as a column to your table. Right here, we’ll select the business identify and business domain underneath the ‘latest experience’ area. We’ll want this details later on to scrape the operate emails of our prospective customers. 

enrich person from LinkedIn profile using Clayenrich person from LinkedIn profile using Clay

After you are carried out, click conserve and run.

three) Include a Column for the Total Identify

To scrape emails, we’ll want the following details:

  • Total identify
  • Business Identify
  • Business Domain

Observe that on our table, the very first and final names are positioned in separate columns. So, we’ll want to mix them and include a new column for the complete identify.

To do that, correct-click the column on your table and choose ‘formula.’

use table formula in Clayuse table formula in Clay

Enter the following formula. You must be in a position to preview the output on the table. Then, click the ‘Output is proper. Conserve formula.’ button.

add table formula in Clayadd table formula in Clay

You must now see a new column with the prospect’s complete identify. Observe that I’ve modified the column identify to ‘Full Name’ for less complicated accessibility later on on.

create full name column in Clay tablecreate full name column in Clay table

four) Scrape Operate Emails Making use of the Business Domains

After once again, let’s enrich our table. 

On the pop-up window, navigate to the ‘Waterfall’ tab and click ‘Work E-mail.’

find work email using Clayfind work email using Clay

In the settings window, we’re going to use 3 apps to scrape emails – Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter. Clay is our major supply and the rest are just back ups in situation our very first app fails.

Subsequent, we’ll want to input the contact’s complete identify, business identify, and business domain, as proven beneath.

Clay enrichmentClay enrichment

Note that Debounce is our default e-mail validation supplier. Really feel cost-free to include a lot more apps on the drop down menu.

After almost everything is set, click conserve and run. Your table must now seem like this.

find work email using Clayfind work email using Clay

Note: Clay may possibly not be in a position to fetch all emails of our prospective customers, and this is standard. Go ahead and clean your record ahead of proceeding to the subsequent actions.

five) Use Clay’s AI Author to Create Customized E-mail

Now you have all the specifics, the subsequent phase is to craft a killer cold e-mail. We’ll be utilizing Clay’s AI author. But we’ll make it customized by incorporating a bit of specifics about the LinkedIn publish they liked.

We’ve in fact designed a separate tutorial about how to write personalized cold email using Clay. You may well want to verify this out to find out a lot more.

For now, let’s attempt to enrich our information by utilizing chatGPT.

use chatGPT on Clayuse chatGPT on Clay

Enter a prompt on the offered area. 

write chatGPT prompt on Claywrite chatGPT prompt on Clay

Ideas when creating a prompt:

  • Be distinct about what you want to take place.. 
  • Specify your inputs. It could be the contact’s identify, posts, or e-mail.
  • Describe the output that you want. For illustration, you can inform AI to make the e-mail informal and pleasant. You can also be distinct about the word count. 

In this illustration, I’ve written the following prompt (truly feel cost-free to edit this to meet your requirements):

Presume you are a revenue skilled. Your task is to begin revenue conversations with prospective consumers as a representative of the XYZ business. You talk in a skilled tone and method with the expertise of a twenty yr veteran in the company area. 

Publish messages that are underneath one hundred phrases to prospective consumers. Try out to attain out to your prospective customers by mentioning the LinkedIn publish they liked. Provide what companies you can supply in relation to the LinkedIn publish. Mention some thing that you observed about their business. Will not make it as well complimentary. 

Bridge what you observed about their business with a query that tends to make them feel thoughtfully about the dilemma we can fix and if they have that dilemma, why must they care about what ever your intention is. Include a soft phone to action. 

The client’s identify is this: /firstName

The LinkedIn publish is this: /postURL

After you are pleased, click conserve and run. On a new column, you must be in a position to see the produced cold e-mail.

write cold email using chatGPT and  Claywrite cold email using chatGPT and  Clay

For this illustration, here’s my consequence:

Hi Caner, 

I noticed you liked a publish on LinkedIn about scalability difficulties. 

Do you also expertise these hitches when expanding your operations? Our company assisted tech begin-up, iGrow, streamline its growth – facilitating an outstanding 45% development in income inside of a yr. This efficiency could increase your bottom line drastically. iGrow’s CEO has publicly commended our input. 

Would you be interested in exploring how we could devise a tailored answer to accelerate your development journey?

What’s Subsequent?

In this tutorial, you have just discovered how to flip LinkedIn publish likers into prospective prospective customers. We’ve also proven you how to use PhantomBuster and Clay to scrape emails and create a killer message.

So if you operate in revenue and really don’t presently use these equipment, then you are missing a enormous chance!

Hopefully, this write-up will aid you begin creating substantial high quality prospects. If you have any inquiries, please allow me know in the remarks!