Selling Photos Online: Breakdance Builder for Physical & Digital Prints

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Ever believed about promoting your photography prints on the internet? It is less difficult than you believe! 

Breakdance delivers you possibilities to promote pictures on the internet with no the need to have to retain the services of a internet developer.

Merely decide on 1 of the gorgeous templates from the layout library. Or generate your customized template via its drag-and-drop attribute. Integrate eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce to deal with items, payments, and shipping possibilities.

And, you are all set! 

Regardless of whether you are a skilled or an amateur photographer seeking to make a passive earnings, this manual is for you. 

Let’s dive in and allow your creativity shell out off!

sell photo prints in Breakdancesell photo prints in Breakdance

How to Promote Bodily and Digital Photography Prints Utilizing Breakdance

one) Set Up Your WordPress Account and Plugins 

Prior to we start, make certain that you have currently set up the following:

  • Domain identify and internet hosting: The domain identify will serve as your website’s handle although the internet hosting support helps make your on the internet retailer reside.
  • WordPress account: This is the place you may deal with, layout, and publish your web site material.
  • Breakdance theme: This is a drag-and-drop web site builder to give your retailer a certain seem and truly feel. Pick a pre-developed template from the layout library, or customize your personal template. In this tutorial, we’re going to use the ‘oclock’ Breakdance template

Subsequent, you will need to have to set up some plugins for your on the internet photography retailer. For this tutorial, we’re going to use:

  • WooCommerce: This is a cost-free WordPress plugin to assist you include items and deal with orders effortlessly.
  • Item Addons for WooCommerce – Item Choices with Customized Fields: This is a cost-free WooCommerce extension plugin to include customized fields and personalizations to your items.

Make certain that these plugins are activated on your WordPress account.

two) Set Up Your WooCommerce Account

WooCommerce will instantly launch a setup wizard on activation. Go ahead and enter your retailer details this kind of as the handle and varieties of items to promote.

setup WooCommercesetup WooCommerce

The setup wizard will also provide you further cost-free characteristics to include to your retailer. Set up them or skip them for now.

set up WooCommerce in Breakdanceset up WooCommerce in Breakdance

You will also be asked no matter whether you want to decide on a new theme or carry on with your recent theme. I extremely advise you carry on with the energetic theme in Breakdance. 

In this tutorial, I employed the ‘oclock’ Breakdance template. On your WordPress dashboard, just head in excess of to Breakdance &gt Layout Library. Pick ‘oclock’ or other templates you want to include. 

choose template in Breakdancechoose template in Breakdance

If you want to generate customized templates, we’ve developed these separate tutorials you can stick to:

After you are pleased with your possibilities, click carry on. This saves your settings and will take you to the WooCommerce dashboard to finish the setup.

three) Set Up Your WooCommerce Shop

Customizing your on the internet retailer in WooCommerce is easy. 

On the dashboard, a setup checklist will manual you via generating your photography retailer. This covers incorporating items, payment approaches, taxes, and shipping.

set up payments in WooCommerceset up payments in WooCommerce

a) Let’s begin by incorporating our 1st items. Click the ‘Add my products’ on the checklist. You will see possibilities to upload items: template, guide entry, CSV, or migration support. For this manual, choose the template.

Subsequent, you will be asked to decide on a kind of merchandise to promote. Pick ‘Variable product’ given that we’re promoting photography prints in distinct sizes. 

choose product to sell in WooCommercechoose product to sell in WooCommerce

You will be then taken to the merchandise editor to include your items. Later on on, you can include new items by navigating to Items &gt Include New from your WordPress left-side menu.

In the merchandise editor, input merchandise particulars: title, picture, description, group.

add new product in WooCommerceadd new product in WooCommerce
add product image and categoryadd product image and category

Inside of the ‘Product data’ segment, make certain that the ‘Variable product’ alternative is chosen. On the left side, you will see possibilities this kind of as stock, shipping, linked items, and so on. For now, we’ll skip these and proceed to the attributes tab.

Click ‘Add New’ and enter a label for your merchandise attributes. Then, underneath the values area, enter the variations you want and separate them with ‘|’ as proven under. 

Right here, I’ve additional 3 distinct sizes for the bodily photography prints and 1 downloadable digital file. 

product attributesproduct attributes

After you are pleased, click ‘Save attributes.’

Subsequent, click the variations tab to include a lot more particulars for each and every merchandise variation. Upload a photograph, value, description, and so on.

edit product variationsedit product variations

For the downloadable copy, make certain to upload a file or include a file URL.

add downloadable fileadd downloadable file

Conserve your settings and click ‘Publish.’

Repeat the procedure to include a lot more items to your retailer.

b) Subsequent, you will need to have to set up your payments in WooCommerce. Return to WooCommerce &gt Property and decide on ‘Set up payments’.

set up WooCommerce paymentsset up WooCommerce payments

A new webpage will open up with a record of payment approaches you can connect to. Some of the possibilities are Stripe, PayPal, income on delivery, and direct financial institution transfer. 

choose payment gateway in WooCommercechoose payment gateway in WooCommerce

Pick a payment gateway and stick to the on-display guidelines.  To include a lot more later on, navigate to WooCommerce &gt Settings &gt Payments.

c) The following stage is to set up your tax in WooCommerce. Right here, you will be provided an alternative to use WooCommerce Tax. 

set up tax in WooCommerceset up tax in WooCommerce

You can also set up your tax manually. If you click this alternative, you will be taken to the tax settings webpage to enter your tax particulars. This involves your nation, handle, tax fee, and tax identify. Click conserve as soon as you are completed.

add tax details WooCommerceadd tax details WooCommerce

Note: If you do not include taxes, merely click the ‘I do not charge revenue tax’ alternative at the bottom of the setup webpage.

d) Go back to your WooCommerce residence webpage and click the ‘Set up shipping’ alternative on the checklist.

Enter shipping particulars, such as charges and any certain charges for items.

add shipping details WooCommerceadd shipping details WooCommerce

Allow ‘Rest of the world’ for global shipping, and set its price.

add shipping options WooCommerceadd shipping options WooCommerce

Click proceed and determine on enabling shipping label printing.

enable shipping label printing WooCommerceenable shipping label printing WooCommerce

And that is it!

four) Fashion Your Single Item Webpage

Navigate to Breakdance &gt  Templates from your WordPress menu. Uncover the ‘Single Product’ template and open it in the Breakdance editor.

edit single product template Breakdanceedit single product template Breakdance

To design an component, click on it and go to the ‘Style’ tab on the left. 

Breakdance single product templateBreakdance single product template

You can also click the international designs on the leading to apply alterations website-broad.

Breakdance global style settingsBreakdance global style settings

Minimum edits may be necessary if you have selected 1 of the templates from the layout library. But if you are finicky like me, I’d favor to adjust the design a bit. Right here, I adjusted the spacing, additional a background colour, edited the dimension of the column, and transformed the font. 

add style to single product templateadd style to single product template

After you are pleased, click conserve. Examine your merchandise webpage on the front-finish. For the ‘oclock’ template, your single merchandise webpage need to seem like this.

sell photo prints in Breakdancesell photo prints in Breakdance

five) Fashion Your Item Listing Webpage

Once more, head in excess of to Breakdance &gt Templates. Open the ‘Shop Webpage &amp All Item Archives’ template in the Breakdance editor.

edit Breakdance product listing templateedit Breakdance product listing template

Right here, the original layout is set. But truly feel cost-free to modify the design as you want. Then, click conserve.

Breakdance product listing templateBreakdance product listing template

Here’s what my merchandise listing webpage seems like.

Breakdance product shop pageBreakdance product shop page

six) Include Customized Item Fields (Optional)

Let’s say you have taken hundreds of pictures at an occasion. You want to provide your customers a printed copy of 1 of the pictures. You may want to take into account possessing them pay a visit to your on the internet retailer and buy the pictures they want by coming into a variety. 

This helps make the ordering procedure less difficult. You do not need to have to upload hundreds of pictures on your web site. Just give your customers a preview of all the pictures with an assigned variety each and every. 

On your on the internet retailer, you only need to have to include a single merchandise for the occasion pictures. But you will need to have an additional area to enter the photograph variety.

This is the place customized fields come into perform.

Customized fields enable you to include input fields (or merchandise include-ons) like text fields, checkboxes, decide on fields, and other customized particulars of your items.

WooCommerce alone may not supply you with the alternative to include customized fields. You will both need to have to include a customized code to your theme perform file. Or merely set up a third-celebration plugin to do the work.

The 2nd alternative is a lot less difficult, so let’s do that.

Whilst there are several plugins accessible to include customized fields, I uncover the Product Addons for Woocommerce – Product Options with Custom Fields plugin less difficult to function with in Breakdance. So, make certain this plugin is put in and activated on your WordPress.

product addons for wooCommerceproduct addons for wooCommerce

Then stick to these actions to include input possibilities for your items:

a) Head in excess of to ‘Product Addons’ from your WordPress side menu. Then, click ‘Add New Kind.’

add new field WooCommerce productadd new field WooCommerce product

b) This will open a drag-and-drop editor. Enter the title of your type.

From the ‘Fields’ on the appropriate, drag your favored area to the left side. Alter its dimension by clicking the circle buttons at the leading. Right here, we’re utilizing a header and a variety area.

add number field in WooCommerce productadd number field in WooCommerce product

Underneath the ‘Options’ tab, enter a area label. 

You can also include other particulars like the component ID, default area worth, and so on. Or, include a customized CSS class for the styling underneath the ‘Advanced’ segment. There is also an alternative to include conditional statements. 

add field label WooCommerceadd field label WooCommerce

But let’s hold it easy and skip these settings for now.

c) Click the type settings button at the leading (or bottom) of the webpage. Pick which items or classes you want the customized fields to seem. 

add product categories on custom fieldsadd product categories on custom fields

For this instance, I’ve developed a merchandise referred to as ‘The Latte Fashion Household Wedding’ and additional it underneath the ‘wedding’ group. So, I’m going to decide on this group.

Note that you can also assign a merchandise record alternatively of a group for the customized fields.

After you are accomplished, conserve the alterations and click publish.

d) Examine your items webpage on the front-finish. You need to now see the variety area displayed.

WooCommerce product pageWooCommerce product page

seven) Check Your WooCommerce Shop

Finalize your settings and conserve. Then, check your items webpage on the front-finish.

Let’s say, we want to buy a printed copy of the items. Include items to the cart and proceed to checkout.

test WooCommerce shop pagetest WooCommerce shop page

Your checkout webpage need to seem like this.

test add to cart in WooCommerce Breakdancetest add to cart in WooCommerce Breakdance
Breakdance WooCommerce checkout pageBreakdance WooCommerce checkout page

If you have enabled the check payment technique on your WooCommerce settings, you can buy the items effectively with no the need to have for an real credit score/debit card. The objective of this is to validate the integration of your selected payment technique with no moving genuine cash.

So, go ahead and do that. Then, go to WooCommerce &gt Orders to confirm the ordered products. 

That is a Wrap!

Congratulations – you have just developed a easy on the internet photography retailer utilizing Breakdance and WooCommerce.

But your journey does not finish right here! Find out Breakdance’s other characteristics to elevate your retailer even even more.

I recommend you verify out these tutorials:

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We hope you identified this tutorial beneficial. If you are caught or missed any of the actions, just depart a comment under. We’ll try out our greatest to assist!