New Strategies for Scraping Jobs and Decision Makers in 2023

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Hunting for your following occupation?

Possibly, you have attempted searching by way of diverse occupation boards like Glassdoor, Without a doubt, LinkedIn, and RepVue. Or you have attempted checking your electronic mail inbox every day to make certain you are not missing any chance.

But what if I inform you there is an less complicated way to extract all the data you require at scale? And I’m not speaking about creating your very own occupation scraper instrument. I’m speaking about a strong, no-code instrument that immediately generates a spreadsheet of occupation posting lists in a couple of clicks.

As the saying goes, ‘Work smarter, not more difficult!’

In this guidebook, I’d like to share with you how to use Clay to scrape open occupation posts and determination makers. Hopefully, this instrument can assist you with your occupation hunting or any assignments you are doing work on.

Let’s start off!

scrape job posts using Clayscrape job posts using Clay

Why Scrape Occupation Postings?

Trying to keep track of the most recent occupation openings can be challenging. With hundreds of thousands of occupation postings each month, it is virtually unattainable to collect this kind of a big quantity of information with out some type of automation.

Clay is a strong instrument that consolidates occupation postings with a couple of clicks. Plus, it streamlines the procedure of collecting data. This can assist you conserve tons of time, no matter whether you are a occupation seeker or a recruiter.

Right here are some of the advantages of scraping occupation postings utilizing Clay:

  • Automate occupation notifications to keep ahead in the occupation market place
  • Know the most in-demand expertise in your market
  • Uncover employing organizations to pitch your solutions
  • Assists staffing companies maintain their occupation databases up to date
  • Assists track open positions of competitor companies  

How to Scrape Open Occupation Posts and Selection Makers Utilizing Clay

one) Scrape Information Utilizing Clay

Very first, make certain that you have an energetic account on Clay. 

As soon as you do, you will require to set up the Clay extension for Google Chrome.

install Clay extension on Google Chromeinstall Clay extension on Google Chrome

Let us head more than to RepVue and search for income jobs. On the left side of the web page, really feel cost-free to filter your outcomes by deciding on the occupation varieties you happen to be interested in.

Then, click the Clay icon on the toolbar. It need to immediately scrape the data from your recent web page.

scrape data from RepVuescrape data from RepVue

A table with the scraped information will seem. Both export it as a CSV and then upload it to Clay or basically click ‘Add to Workspace’ to place it straight onto Clay.

add RepVue data to Clayadd RepVue data to Clay

In Clay, you need to see your table containing the outcomes.

add table on Clayadd table on Clay

You can hide some of the columns you really don’t require or reorder the columns by dragging them. Right here, I’ve renamed the columns for less complicated reference later on on.

add data to Clay tableadd data to Clay table

two) Uncover Company’s LinkedIn Profile

Let’s start off by seeking for the company’s LinkedIn profile. Correct-click your table, and decide on ‘Add Enrichment.’ Decide on ‘Search Google’ from the alternatives.

enrich table using Search Googleenrich table using Search Google

Variety the query: {insert business title}

enter query on Search Googleenter query on Search Google

For the ‘Number of results’ discipline, use the worth one. We only want the best outcome, and that is the company’s LinkedIn profile.

Search Google settingsSearch Google settings

Up coming, click ‘Continue to Include Fields.’ From the alternatives, activate the ‘Link’ toggle beneath ‘Search Results’ to display the company’s LinkedIn URL.

add data as columns to Clay tableadd data as columns to Clay table

Click conserve and run. You need to now get two new columns: one particular for the Google search and one more for the LinkedIn URL.

Search Google resultsSearch Google results

three) Uncover Company’s Selection Makers

Let’s include one more enrichment. Appear for the ‘Find Contacts at Company’ action.

Find Contacts at Company on ClayFind Contacts at Company on Clay

On the ‘Company Identifier’ discipline, decide on the company’s LinkedIn URL.

Enter a checklist of occupation titles you are focusing on, separated by commas. For income roles, instance search phrases are:

  • Human Sources Director 
  • Talent Acquisition Director 
  • Human Sources Manager 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager 
  • HR Enterprise Partner 
  • Head of Recruitment 
  • Revenue Growth Lead
Find Contacts at Company settingsFind Contacts at Company settings

As soon as you are carried out, click on ‘Continue to Include Fields.’ Activate the toggles for the following information:

  • Total Title (for finding perform emails later on)
  • Title
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Very first Name  (optional, if you want to publish customized comply with-up emails later on on)
Find Contacts at Company settingsFind Contacts at Company settings

Note that I’ve also additional business domains to the table. We’ll require this later on to discover the perform electronic mail addresses of our target determination makers. On the settings window, proceed to scroll down and search for ‘Experiences.’ Click the ‘View List’ and activate the ‘Company Domain’ toggle.

Click conserve and run.

Note: Frequently, you will get much more than one particular profile outcome for every business. You can decide on to map these outcomes to a new table and enrich every individual later on on. 

For me, I’d decide on to attain out to one particular of these determination makers at a time and stay away from duplicates. To show a single outcome, click one particular of the rows beneath the ‘Find Contacts at Company’ column. Click the very first outcome, hover your mouse more than the URL (or any information you want to include), and then click ‘Add as Column.’

add company details to Clay tableadd company details to Clay table

Here’s the outcome of our table.

Find Contacts at Company resultsFind Contacts at Company results

four) Extract Function Emails Utilizing the Waterfall Strategy

As soon as once more, let’s enrich our table. Click the ‘Waterfall’ tab from the pop-up and decide on ‘Work E-mail.’

find emails using Clayfind emails using Clay

Clay offers many alternatives to fetch electronic mail addresses. Right here, we’re going to use Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter. 

Up coming, enter the contact’s title, business title, and business domain in the supplied fields.

Use Debounce to validate all the emails collected. 

find work email using Clayfind work email using Clay

Then, click conserve and run. Here is the last outcomes:

scrape job posts and decision makers using Clayscrape job posts and decision makers using Clay

What’s Up coming?

Now that you have the make contact with information of your target organizations, it is time to attain out.

Clay integrates ChatGPT to assist you do a good deal of items, such as creating customized emails. Seamlessly draft customized emails that are tough to resist, all in a matter of clicks. 

We have written separate tutorials on how to do this on Clay. Study these guides for much more ideas on creating customized emails utilizing ChatGPT:

Really do not fail to remember to share your Clay encounter in the feedback under!