SaaS Tools and Apps

SaaS Tools and Apps

UpLead Review: Assessing Its Worth as a B2B Prospecting Tool

UpLead has been a staple of lead generation for a few years now. However, as technologies continue to evolve, we must ask: does UpLead stand the time? Let's talk about that.
SaaS Tools and Apps

LinkedIn Job Change Alerts: Staying Ahead with Clay

Stay updated when your prospect leaves a company, gets a promotion or changes job roles. In this guide, I'll show you how Clay can simplify this process.
SaaS Tools and Apps

Stay Updated: Tracking Company News with Clay

Finding recent news about companies doesn't have to drain your time. In this guide, you’ll discover how Clay can simplify this task.
SaaS Tools and Apps

Discovering Company Instagram Profiles with Clay

Searching for the Instagram profiles of your prospects can be daunting. Learn how Clay can simplify this task, making your outreach more efficient and effective.
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2023-2024’s Essential AI Tools for Education

Explore how cool AI tools can make schoolwork both easier and more fun! Read about the best apps to help with your studies, writing, and even learning new languages.
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QuillBot Reviewed: The Premier AI Paraphrasing Tool?

QuillBot is a popular AI-powered writing tool offering features like paraphrasing, grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and translation. It assists writers, students, and professionals in enhancing and expediting their writing process, catering to both native and non-native english speakers!
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DALL-E 2 Magic: Images from Text in Seconds Reviewed

DALL-E was one of the first AI image generation tools on the market. It made waves for its promise of turning simple text prompts into stunning images. However, with the rise of other AI image generators such as Midjourney, how well does DALL-E 2 do? And is it worth using over the other tools current available?
SaaS Tools and Apps The Ultimate Mac Screenshot Tool?

Xnapper is the easiest screenshotting tool on the market for Mac. Easily capture portions of your screen, annotate things, and send them off within seconds. I use Xnapper daily and can't talk about it enough.
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Revealing Website Tech Stacks with Clay: A How-To Guide

Clay is a versatile tool that can help you do a lot of things, including determining a website's tech stack. Learn how this is easily done through this guide.
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Domain Discovery: Using Clay to Extract from Company Names

Extracting site domains from a massive list of company names can be a daunting task. This quick guide will show you how Clay can automatically populate your list with site domains with just a few clicks.
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Auto-Find LinkedIn Contact Work Emails Using Clay

Finding work email addresses of your LinkedIn contacts doesn't need to be a cumbersome process. This guide will teach you how to automate this process!
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Tailoring Email Openers Based on LinkedIn Posts via Clay

Sending cold emails is hard enough as it is to get a proper response. So how do you increase that? Personalization! Here's how to use to combine LinkedIn post information into a cold email.
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Review: My Experiences with Jenni AI, the Writing Assistant

I tested Jenni AI to see how it holds up as an AI-writing tool. While it can be great to help assist writers that need outlines & suffer writers block, the quality of writing & paraphrasing doesn't appear to be as good as ChatGPT. It definitely has its use cases though.
SaaS Tools and Apps The Fast, Free AWS Cost Saving Solution Reviewed

Pump combines group buying & AI to provide startups owners the discounts only previously available to big tech. It's completely free to use & doesn't mess with your actual infrastructure to set up. Here's how it works
SaaS Tools and Apps

Review: Easy Digital Downloads for Selling Digital Products

Looking to sell something digital on WordPress? You should check out Easy Digital Downloads. You could sell plugins, pictures, and really anything else you can think of with just a few clicks. Here's all the features:
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Netus AI Review: The AI Paraphrasing Detection Evasion Tool

Discover the features of Netus AI. From its summarization and text paraphrasing abilities, to AI detection and bypassing features, we'll go over the pricing structure and find out how it stacks up against ChatGPT. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of Netus AI's pros and cons and its place in the AI paraphrasing landscape!
SaaS Tools and Apps in 2023: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Apollo is a pretty popular platform for scraping and reviewing data on your potential prospects – but at what cost? We've been using Apollo for a few years now and are giving some brutal thoughts on their pricing and efficiency, as well as if it's even worth buying anymore.
AI Detection

HideMy.AI Review: The AI Paraphrasing Tool Evading Detection

HideMyAI is a new & incredibly impressive tool at rewriting your ChatGPT-generated writing and making it almost undetectabale across many AI detectors. Here's some examples & how it worked for me.
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Bulk Analyzing Shopify Store Statuses with Clay

Need to determine if an e-commerce site is hosted on Shopify? Discover how Clay can simplify your research process through this guide.
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Personalize Emails with City/Location Images Using Clay

Want to make your emails pop with your prospect's city in the opening line? Learn how you can easily do that with Clay in this guide.
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Top 9 Rephrasing Tools: The Best of AI Paraphrasing in 2023

Tons of AI paraphrasing tools have popped up over the last few years helping you rewrite & rejuvenate your writing without touching the original meeting. Here's our best choices currently on the market (both free & paid!)
News’s Affiliate Rate Changes: What You Need to Know

One particular of the very first public and straightforward to use AI creating resources,, just announced a re...
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Clay’s Job Title-Based Contact Finding: Unlocking Business Opportunities

Want to customize your outreach based on your prospect’s job title? Discover how Clay can easily help you get the right connections.
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Extracting Google Review Info for Businesses with Clay

Google reviews can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company. Read this guide to learn you how you can get these reviews quickly using Clay.